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Comment Re:The smart phone got him off? (Score 1) 254

Hey, they may be fucktards but they are editors and above you. Respect them like you should respect the law (lol jk editors!). Actually I'm not sure what lesson this article is trying to convey but here in California, they would take away your smartphone so you lose your evidence :( At any rate, you shouldn't be hiding in the shadows as an anonymous coward while calling people names, that's dishonorable and very rude.

Comment sweaty boot rash (Score 1) 242

It seems that my sweaty boot rash won't do too well with this. I'll be walking for a few hours and stems will start to grow overnight. If I don't leave the house for a week, which isn't that uncommon, I might end up having to mow my shoes before leaving -- as if it wasn't bad enough to mow my chest (think Austin Powers).
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Journal Journal: Who shot Cowboy Neal?

Call it nostalgia, but I miss Cowboy Neal. It's been ages since he's showed up in a poll and I feel like there is a lack of options beyond the usual lack of options. Because of this I have deducted that Cowboy Neal was shot and is now being held cryogenically frozen somewhere in Illinois, perhaps next to The Duke. IF he was shot, I presume it must have been someone who wanted revenge, and perhaps this was a bully back when Cowboy Neal was known as Little Neal. Perhaps this bully saw just how

Comment developing is hell (Score 1) 211

I have been developing websites commercially for about 5 years now and it sickened me when I had to add IE6 compatibility on some websites because it was requested to have that compatibility. You can get the layout to look mostly like how you want it to but the functionality is greatly degraded. You might be able to design an entire site around javascript but that would not only be hell but it would destroy the purpose of adding IE6 compatibility as those who still uses that browser (the few) won't have javascript enabled because it's all business. I'm sure there are those who don't know any better but they were usually never our target audience to begin with, at least on paper. Some clients were cool and didn't care to support IE6 and you definitively come across programmers that feel obligated to support it and that you're breaking a commandment if you don't. Honestly? It all depends on who you're target audience is. Already you have to add IE 7, 8 and 9 compatibility and they all handle things differently, and sometimes you might have to do subversion support as well, then there's firefox, opera, safari, chrome, etc... But for the most part, you can make it universally compatible if you program for firefox. You'll encounter song transparency errors and maybe things will be off by a pixel or three on occasion but thankfully it's not as bad as like IE handles things. If you program correctly, you might be able to get 4/5 browsers to work just fine, if you have to adjust things, you'll need to create a javascript file that detects the browser agent and send them to the correct css file. It's a true pain but that's what programmers have to deal with when there's not a single standard for every release. The w3c is a guide, not a standard unfortunately =/

Comment Re:misunderstandings (Score 2) 316

But drinking is the only way to get passed the butt-ugly layout that they have...

On a more serious note... Be careful of selling stuff there because they're climbing up your windows, they're snatching people up, tryin' to rape em so y'all need to hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your kids, hide your wife and hide your husband cuz they're rapin errbody out there.

Comment Re:The pics make it look like a filthy shithole (Score 1) 188

In Japan arcades are raging in popularity. I don't know whether or not they have increased in popularity or stayed the same, but it's a goldmine, especially Pachinko and Pachislot. I believe Karaoke out beats pachinko and pachinko beats TV as the biggest entertainment in Japan, but I could be wrong, though it's somewhere in that vicinity. My point is, arcades are insanely popular in Japan =)

Comment Re:Do no Evil (Score 1) 391

The government has trouble accessing any info for anyone which is pretty funny since there's no central database. I'm pretty sure the IRS has more access to your private info than the CIA does without having to ask other agencies to submit info about you. {citation_needed}

Comment Re:Version 1 (Score 1) 177

To be fair, I think he (she?) meant the first real phone. Every other OS prior to WP7 was crappy to say the least. The more I see posts against Microsoft, the more I feel like a fanboy trying to defend them =/ There are certainly some amazing products being dished out by microsoft but then there's the not so great apps like IE, IE, and IE. I say this three times because they have three different (supported) standards and it makes CSS compatibility hell >: | But, I still love the big M for the other great things that they came out with. WP7 is one of them (and I'm stuck with an android outside of my dev life ;__;)

Comment jamming, insn't that a good thing? (Score 1) 177

Hey guys, I totally overheard that Microsoft was jamming some cellphones and I was ready to jam with them, but it seems you guys aren't as radical as Microsoft is. I think they are EXTREME! *plays air guitar* I think you should give Microsoft a chance, after all, jamming is only one of things they are good at doing, they're also great at making dev kits *plays air drums*

Comment Re:Is it a virus? Is it an alien parasite? (Score 1) 157

But the US doesn't stop people from gaming at night, and if they tried there would be a mob of angry gamers and the government would surely regret it as we all know, gamers typically have at least +15 armor and +12 atk. The poor people working night shifts probably are getting butt-hurt over this since it's the only time they can game online.

Comment Re:Name change (Score 1) 337

They shouldn't need to do that, it's a parody and they are free to do as they please if it has no commercial gain. Basically anyone writing fanfic could get sued if this was not possible. Even then, unless there are registered Trademarks and patents involved, it would be hard to make a case even if it were a for-profit parody. $0.02

Comment Re:Problem: Hard to get to fan. Solution: remove f (Score 1) 188

[off-topic] It's a glitch in the Matrix, you don't need to worry, much...

[on-topic] Some laptops can be upgraded, at least the video-card can. Additionally for what laptops are used for, medium-end models today do pretty much everything you need it to do, even 3 years from now. I think we passed the point where we need to buy the latest and greatest every 6-months unless you're a hardcore gamer, in which case just get a PC already. I was asked which netbook was better and my answer was simple. They all do about the same thing which is almost nothing more than word processing and internet. If battery is the most important thing, which clearly should be for what it is, then you may want to go with the one with the better battery. Just don't spend any less than $300 for a netbook and you'll be OK. Laptops are almost the same these days. If they can play videos on full HD smoothly, browse the web, capable of multi-tasking like a pro, and more than able to run Doom, then that's all you really need, the rest is just bells and whistles in my opinion.

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