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Comment Re:Cancer, that. (Score 1) 5

She is doing much better and the outlook is positive. I am not sure why I brought that up randomly outside of the fact it was on my mind.

As for contributions... being that my mother has a much better outlook that pre surgery... I'd say I'm going to let her find the organization, thanks.
As for another thing, Slashdot has give me more moderator points that is possible to allocate fairly, again...must be that time of month again.

Comment Re:Dangerous (Score 1) 80

with what seems like a recent increase in spam and general crap here I'm in a bit of a bit mood with /. and when that happens I tend to mod down rather than up.*

Ah I haven't been here too long myself but I can entirely relate.

modded posters get replies telling them to have a nice day

I usually end with that or cheers... for everyone. Although it is true people are a bit less insulting (in general) to moderators.

I'm not going to stop modding such things down but in future it'll be offtopic instead; I don't think that does anything to karma. Does it?

His comment, like many, is funny. Fortunately funny does not award karma but just makes /. users a tiny bit happier inside (not smarter or more well informed).

Modding funny does not affect karma and some people can choose to filter it if they want to read intelligence instead of a stream of jokes... this is what other people have told me in the past so take it with a grain of salt.

Personally I believe if you have the will to reply to my comment and to moderate good, you sir are ahead of 95%+ of the users here.

cheers and good night.

Comment Cancer, that. (Score 1) 5

My mother just had both her breasts removed due to cancer... no lymph nodes fortunately but it seems everywhere i look on the web cancer this or that.

Nothing against you it is just on my mind that is all.

Comment Re:What I Don't Understand... (Score 1) 301

SuricouRaven wrote:
A well-resourced CDN provides far better and more consistant performance than P2P, and does so while placing less load on the networks. It's big downside is the very considerable cost - the hardware, rack rental, and negociating deals with ISPs. They arn't even doing to talk to any company that doesn't have a few million dollars to bolster their reputation. So the CDN remains the prefered distribution method of the well-financed company seeking to deliver the most reliable service at a premium price (netflix) while P2P remains the perfered distribution method of those who need good-enough delivery but can't afford to spend millions of dollars (Pirates, independent games developers, linux distros, non-profit media). There are a few exceptions like Blizzard who use p2p as a way to save a few bucks, but that's mostly how it goes. P2P offers 'good enough' for free, while CDN offers 'excellent' at a hefty price.

Agree [one hundred gazillion percent (mod 100)] + 100

CDN = Internet features like Netflix,, etc we know today

Without a CDN structure in the web today, the speeds we see would only be a pipe dream.

SuricouRaven wrote:
It's big downside is the very considerable cost - the hardware, rack rental, and negotiating deals with ISPs.

Costs are falling as demand is rising. Only good news here (for the CDN companies at a start). Why does it always have to be the ISPs... you know?

The comment by Kjella above addresses the seemingly moral boundary that exists with these costs:

Kjella wrote:
Yeah. Sadly the Internet didn't evolve a generic, open CDN-ish system. Something not unlike a HTTP proxy, except you store binary blocks by hash. If some other guy from my ISP has downloaded the same torrent, I'd just grab it from my ISPs "CDN" server instead. Really just a HDD with a LRU cache, new stuff is added and the least used falls off.

Depending on how complicated you want it you could have a hierarchy of them, like first try locally, regionally, nationally etc. so stuff would only get pulled long-distance once. The MAFIAA would of course jump all over it but you could store encrypted pieces - wouldn't do them much good unless they had the access key. It'd probably save them bandwidth and money while we get faster content - a win-win. [interesting]

Instead you have to make deals with the big CDNs with again have to make deals with the big ISPs and everybody wants $$$ all the way. [Nothing new] Ah well the good thing is that P2P drives fiber everywhere - I heard that in my home town of 150k people there's now 2400 cable gates that need asphalt. Soon the "last mile" problem is a thing of the past. Well, except places like the US but I don't care about those :) [cable quantity and how that cable is laid are two different issues!]

However, we do have to remember on what existing backbone the internet was implemented: cable TV and internet still share the same physical connection for the majority of the country and thus the existing architectures were best equipped to deliver content to the users not from one user to another. People will always be greedy (see $$$ reference) but I say let the investors pay for the content delivery and do not regulate the rest...server farms are not cheap!

(Yes, there is much i missed and breezed over here SuricouRaven, et al...take it as a general observation and not as concrete fact please)

The future** is bright! _____ **patent pending.

^^Above comment does not argue with your guys ideas, just rambles really...

Comment Re:What I Don't Understand... (Score 2) 301

What I don't understand is why Netflix doesn't go to a BitTorrent style P2P swarm type streaming.

An ISP can use your traditional tv-cable easily to send you stuff, however uploading is rather difficult in many implementations. P2P/Bit-torrent-style distribution relies on uploading from the end-user. Instead, using a content delivery network through Level 3 communications, Netflix is able to almost have the "common" content "pre-delivered" to a more nearby location. This is good for the cable companies and users like me that still want a functioning internet when the nation logs onto Netflix in the evenings...
This recent Ars Technica article explains some of this upload limitations and I found it to be a rather enjoyable read. Perhaps when the internet is ready and moved beyond the cable era, uploading will not be as much of a concern.
Disclaimer: This is not to say there isn't room for P2P like implementations or various improvements in current algorithms and models...just your traditional P2P / Bittorrent distribution might not be the best implementation (sadly) here. Also I am no expert, I just stayed at a Holiday Inn Express...


See also: recent video in a recent Slashdot article.

Comment Re:Late reply... (Score 1) 4

On a different note, I think you mean aisle, not isle.

Ah damn, it looked funny. Ever get one of those random words that you knew you didn't spell or right or just plain looks funny? Of course these are not new words...just a brain slip I should have checked. Oh well haha

To your point,

But with only one party making laws, this makes ultimately no difference. The same crap will get done regardless of what Mr. Combover decides to do.

Thus is the Republic we know... Either way Donald Trump was literally a funny choice for anyone voting: every voter would have thought to themselves: "really?"


(yes, funny in a pitiful sort of way)

Comment Re:Vital Stats (Score 1) 393

Damn fruit.

Thanks for that link though... I'm a CS student currently "in training"

(not a mistake i need to make in an interview...and knowledge i find useful)

More research and "reading up" is warranted on my part, also additional links are welcome.

Thanks man. (Yes I am a Slashdotter who admits when they are wrong, very rare)

Comment Re:Vital Stats (Score 1) 393

Crap it is getting late.

Valid point sir as javascript may use as much memory as it deems necessary (and well the operating system allows)... and other factors,etc.

Good point sir! - (I am going to sleep now!)

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