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Comment Re:Moar Hubble (Score 1) 114

I don't care if it's made to be poop color...there are never enough images from the Hubble. Anything they are willing to present is good in my book!

and this is exactly why, even after reading TFS and TFA, consciously saying to myself "I know I don't have 3D glasses of *any* kind", I still watched the video.

In full screen.

And told myself "actually it does look a little 3D."

Comment Re:It IS the government! (Score 1) 1695


Government officials can have opinions. They can express those opinions publically. What they can't do is dream up a law and have the country do their bidding without due process.

George Bush can quote the bible and talk about what God says the country *should* do. But if he tried to make the 10 commandments the 0th amendment, he'd get his ass handed to him.

Obama can say "I don't agree with this church. This church does not represent Americans. If I found out I was somehow helping this guy say what he is saying, I'd do whatever was reasonable to stop supporting him."

And did you ever stop to think that since the media has been on a fucking FRENZY on this story, surely some of them have been asking Obama about his opinions on the matter? You'd probably also notice that a lot of other people have "given their opinions" on this church. If someone kept asking YOU for comment on something, after a while you'd probably finally give your opinion on it, too. Did you not realize there's a parade of people following around the POTUS asking for his thoughts on *everything* going on in the world?

Comment CL safer than other methods? (Score 2, Interesting) 522

I was under the impression Craigslist adult ads were safer than other forms of [illegal] prostitution. You could email potential clients for as long as you wanted (and as long as they'd put up with!) before meeting them. And you could even do a webcam session from the safety of your own home. Not getting a good vibe about a potential client? Don't even need to see him in person. The safe filtering possibilities were beyond anything we'd seen before.

I know I read an article/blog by a CL prostitute who basically had a "how-to" on posting ads and meeting clients, but I can't seem to find it now. It was years ago. But basically she had a close call with an iffy client and vowed to play it safer from that point on. She made a guide that made it dead easy to spot clients who were obviously dangerous and how to find out more about them by only exchanging typed words.

Of course there was the potential that a client would work really *really* hard acting like a good guy and then doing something truly evil, but anyone could be a victim to someone like that - whether you're posting an ad online, meeting someone in a bar, or even dating a friend of a friend.

Comment Re:I Call Straw Man (Score 4, Informative) 650

Allow me to respond to your inquiry with youtube links!

Glenn Beck on 9/11 victims:

That pretty much sums up the ridiculousness of his message. Also may I point you to the Daily Show link which basically rips the "WHO IS FUNDING THIS TERRORIST MOSQUE!?!?" to shreds:

And here's a few more of The Young Turks on Glenn Beck:

TYT frequently rips open arguments with facts - and they do it to "both sides" [sorry if the links I posted don't have a lot of fact checking in them. I've been very critical of TYT but past clips do have plenty of facts to back up their claims]. Though lately it has been a lot of Fox News and republican bashing (can't really say there isn't a good reason for it lately).

Comment Services on that private server? (Score 2, Interesting) 356

Does anyone know what that private server was giving when you paid them?

I can understand playing on private servers if it's free, but if you're going to pay money to play on a private server, why not just pay Blizzard and play on official servers? Usually the private servers are a little behind on content anyway.

Comment So who will be the next China? (Score 4, Interesting) 242

Even though I didn't really expect China to do things like this (at least this early), it looks like they're willing to raise the standards of their production at the cost of business; something that most "western" societies have been doing for some time (and hence why they now import these goods from countries willing to produce from the cheap labor and lax restrictions).

If this continues, it will slow their growth. Some other country will be able to produce the same things China has without these same restrictions. I know people talk about India being similar or replacing China in this regard, but won't India follow a similar path of cleaning up their own "manufacturing ethics" as they grow? What happens when *all* countries have tighter manufacturing limits in place?

Comment Re:I'll probably be dead by then, right? (Score 0, Offtopic) 326

Not only you. The whole human species would be extinct by then. We have global warming, pollution, fuel shortage, wars, corruption. These are enough to finish us by 2100. What happens in 2182 is irrelevant.

Yeah hi, can I also get the pollution with no cheese and add bacon? And can you make the drink with the wars just a bottle of water instead of a Coke?
Also can you throw in some of those Chinese takeovers of Western society and the LHC creating a blackhole which will eat all of France?

United Kingdom

Submission + - Europe To Get 100 Million Smart Meters By 2014 (

scurtis writes: As the UK government prepares to release its own study into how deployment of smart meters and grids will progress in the country, a new report claims that the devices will be deployed in huge numbers across Europe over the next five years. However, the optimistic predictions of the analysts and the ambitious timetable proposed by the government are at odds with the views of some insiders who point to the slow-uptake of the devices so far, as well as the security implications of rushing the roll-out.

Submission + - Google Images Revamp (

Allnighte writes: Fairly self-explanatory; Google Images has changed their layout. More images in your browser window, smoother scrolling to extra pages, and hovering over gives you a nice preview. Finally we're on the internet in 2010! The link also has a few more tips but just visit Google Images yourself to see it.

Comment Re:Uh... (Score 1) 121

Not to mention that in 5 years* there's a fair chance your low budget computer will be able to play the game you played on their system this year. If they let the key/license transfer to a local copy of the game it would help keep its value.

*maybe not 3 years. and maybe not in 5 years for Crysis type games that you want to keep playing on your mobile, but not all games are super graphics intense.

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