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Comment Re:Another overblown bit of hype (Score 0) 324

If I remember right it was primarily marketed as a:
  • web surfing device
  • PMP (video, music playback)
  • e-book reader

You might find serious applications for all of these features (e.g. reading textbooks), but they are mostly associated with entertainment.
Also, while it does sport all the necessary capabilities, the iphone doesn't exactly shine in any of the above applications, mainly due to the small screen.

Comment Use encrypted archives? (Score 1) 467

Make a tar, zip, w/e archive of the stuff you want to backup, encrypt it and upload it to the cloud, eg. dropbox. Make sure sure that it's bigger than the free 2GB, so when you die and stop paying the storage fee, they'll delete your account. Was that so hard, or did I overlook something?

Comment Re:Not interesting. It's a consumer-grade processo (Score 0) 245

I agree, and admit that I put it unnecessarily sensationalist. I'm certainly not claiming that Apple will be producing chips for enterprise servers anytime soon. However, I do believe that we will never see an Apple product equipped with an Intel Atom. Further, I wouldn't say that the iPhone is without "business cred".
Anyway, I also vaguely remember that when Apple switched their computers from PowerPC to Intel, they said something about being pragmatic about processor choices, and that the day when they switch from Intel to another manufacturer's processors might come fairly soon. So, who knows, maybe another 5-10 years down the road we will see powerbooks based on Apple processors...

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