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Comment Re:Trust (Score 1) 220

Is not! If that were true, you wouldn't have just called me "citizen". Clearly you have a strong understanding of the difference between a general member of a country, and a member of the government. And anyhow, if you're going to try to sound butch, don't post with a screen name that has the word "Coward" in it. Jerk.

Comment Re:This (Score 4, Interesting) 734

I agree with the frontal lobe thing. I remember being bullied in Junior High. Some of my worst years in life were spent there. I don't like going back there because it brings back bad memories. I feel bad for kids going through the same thing because I'm sure technology has made the experience much worse today than it was back in my day. The truth is that kids have their own little privately-run societies in school (on a social plane) that the adults are quite powerless to have any real control over. And by granting them access to the internet, they wield a weapon that can be used to cause great harm to one another on that plane. Perhaps the internet should be regulated like Alcohol and Tobacco, where access is permitted only once a certain age of maturity has been reached. Not that I condone smoking or claim that setting an age limit has prevented drunk driving, but think of where we would be today had we legalized those kinds of things for minors. We've let them use the internet, and this "bullying" epidemic is what it has led up to. Perhaps change is in order and this is one of those lessons that should go in the history textbooks.

Comment be sure to mess up SQL Server code as well.... (Score 3, Funny) 211

Use long looong looooooooong stored procedures (20,000+ lines long) with lots of spaghetti SQL code and very little documentation. And never use identities and primary keys; instead just get the max ID number on the fly and use source code to get the next integer-up for the next record insertion to a given table. Make sure the table and field names have almost no relevance to the data they hold. use views liberally, and query one view on top of another view on top of another view on top of another view. If possible try and work something out to where there simply isn't any relational design to the database at all, and instead just use redundancy everywhere. Or, if you really want to be nasty, you could go the opposite route and figure out some kind of a mindbending rubix-cube-like puzzle where there is only one table with only 3 fields in the entire database, and nearly all table data of any sort is stored in one field in that table, and just rely on a myriad of SQL joins to emulate the behavior of relational database design.

Comment Re:oddly, I support this (Score 1) 288

Well, what I meant was DON'T do this in GTA, but definitely in Call of Duty and other games used to train soldiers. No reason to give them a means by which they'd get to practice committing war crimes. In fact, now that I think of it, since its an online game, why not track how many real soldiers playing the game are committing more war crimes while playing the game? That might serve as an indicator for being more predisposed to going berserk.

Comment i wonder what they threatened him with (Score 3, Insightful) 349

i gotta think people in china are intelligent enough to know this is a forced confession. and china's govt has to know their population is intelligent enough to know this. they're just basically making example of this guy as a message to its population to say "we can make you do whatever we want". i bet they threated to lobotomize the guy or something like that.

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