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Comment Re:In my opinion (Score 1) 346

i first learned HTML + CSS (which arguably isn't programming) Then I moved onto PHP and MySQL And finally JavaScript Learning C++ first in my opinion was a pain I tried looking it at it before I started programming at all and I was utterly confused (I was only 14 :D) But now I can easily grasp C++ thanks to all my experience with PHP and JavaScript

Comment Re:I'll probably be dead by then, right? (Score 5, Informative) 326

Not only you. The whole human species would be extinct by then. We have global warming, pollution, fuel shortage, wars, corruption. These are enough to finish us by 2100. What happens in 2182 is irrelevant.

Not really. The human race started off as a primitive ape like species. We managed to survive living in jungles, deserts and caves. How is "global warming, pollution, fuel shortage, wars, corruption" going to kill ~7bn people. Sure it might kill 3 billion or even 4 billion at the very worst (which is still unlikely) But there is no way any of the things you mentioned will kill every single human being.

Comment Re:Grove is correct. with no CPU production here. (Score 1) 565

I think he is referring to the USA rather than his own company. His excuse for using offshore labour is that he needs to do it to remain competitive. When are people going to realise that countries don't matter that much any more in the 21st century. We are all part of the same community and we all benefit from advanced in technology wherever they happen.

Comment Re:Fulltime Job (Score 1) 371

Is that the best you can do? ;P Islam is a vengeful and bloodthirsty religion (like most other religions) You get your arm amputated for thieving making islam brutal, barbaric and stupid. If somebody was poor enough to steal by amputating their arm you are not going to improve the situation. You get buried to your waist while your family and other locals throw stones at you, if you have pre-martial sex making islam brutal and barbaric. You get hanged for blasphemy which is stupid. You get hanged for apostasy (leaving islam), which contradicts the idea of free will, making islam hypocritical. Women are treated as second class citizens making islam a sexist religion.

Comment Re:Well, no shit (Score 1) 278

No but being able to think without knowing facts is completely useless. A computer has massive 'thinking' ability. But it can't do anything with it because it lacks the knowledge. (Mind my semi-flawed analogy). Once you know enough, you can use your knowledge with your 'thinking' skills to come up with solutions. Or I might be wrong and don't know about it.

Comment Re:They would only be hurting themselves (Score 1) 1318

Okay, I really hate to do this. But since you addressed 'the muslims' as a single entity, the following videos represent 'the muslims' or a part of them. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43fEk9F4wIg This is done in the UK, and our law deems the things stated and promoted in the video, illegal. They where promoting terrorism, violence and murder. Which is very different from drawing pictures. My final point is. You cannot justify execution due to 'offence' caused by a cartoon. EVEN if your 1400 year old book lets you do so.

Comment Re:They would only be hurting themselves (Score 1) 1318

The double standard that they can undermine respect for western culture while we turn a blind eye. When we undermine their culture they want to kill us. Why is it that their laws allow them to amputate thieves, and when we arrest suspected terrorists without charge we are suddenly inhumane. We all know drawing Muhammed is making them angry; but that isn't the point. They need to learn to control their anger without threatening to kill people. Facebook is just a means of communication; its like somebody trying to sue slashdot for comments on the news stories. Its stupid and pointless. People, not just muslims need to realise their religion is for them. And the laws stated in their religion can not, and should not be imposed on other people.

Submission + - Internet "kill switch" for President proposed

cashman73 writes: Several media outlets, including the Sydney Morning Herald, Fox News, and the Daily Mail, report today that Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) has introduced legislation giving power to the President to shut down the Internet using a "kill switch" in times of "national emergency". The bill also describes the global internet as a US "national asset".

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