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Submission + - 50 Years later US Marshals remind Alcatraz escapees: We're still after you (networkworld.com) 2

coondoggie writes: "It has been 50 years since the only prisoners to escape the US Penitentiary Alcatraz in San Francisco pulled off one of the most legendary unsolved crimes in American history. Still 50 years later the US Marshals Service says it remains "diligent in the manhunt for Frank Morris and brothers Clarence and John Anglin as they are the only men to escape from Alcatraz Island in San Francisco who remain unaccounted for."

"No matter where the leads take us, or how many man hours are spent on this historic case, the Marshals Service will continue to investigate to the fullest extent possible," said David Harlow, assistant director, U.S. Marshals Investigative Operations Division in a statement."

Submission + - The Oatmeal Threatened With Lawsuit, Responds By Raising $50,000 For Charity (theoatmeal.com)

kelarius writes: The lawyers for image sharing website FunnyJunk.com sent a letter to Matthew Inman (the owner of theoatmeal.com) threatening a lawsuit and demanding $20,000 to make the whole thing go away. In response, Inman made a joke about trying to raise the $20,000 and donating it to the National Wildlife Fund and the American Cancer Society. Over the course of three hours, he has managed to raise over $50,000 and it appears that the amount is still going up.

Comment Another intrusion of government... (Score 1) 1141

into the lives of people. Really? There is no need for this type if idiotic legislature. If people can't curb their calories, eat, drink, and live responsibly, then they deserve whatever health problems they get as a result. We need less nanny-ism from the government and more commonsense from the public.

Comment Re:Zero Because: (Score 1) 280

I have a 2008 MacBook, the first Aluminum unibody model. Still runs great, but tossing in a new SSD drive and upping the RAM to 8 GB makes this machine faster than my bosses 2011 pro model...it also saved me a lot of money and the need to get a new computer anytime soon. While not "needed" a SSD drive made my machine like new.

Comment about time... (Score 2) 120

I think a lot of this is "provable" with anecdotal evidence, but I think there is something about allowing people to get sick or exposed to germs...we live in a world where people are afraid of germs and sickness and want to drop an antibiotic at the first sign of illness, bacterial or not. I currently live in a country where antibiotics can be gotten at pharmacies without a prescription. When people start to cough or otherwise display symptoms of being sick the first recourse is an antibiotic; doctors even will prescribe antibiotics when the symptoms point towards virus, just to make induce a placebo effect and make sure their patient feels cared for.

Anecdotal evidence...I grew up in the country and was exposed to a lot of "pathogens". My mother was a school nurse (likely bringing some of her work home with her) and just being outside in the woods, going to the bathroom, climbing trees, swimming, stick fighting, making forts, etc...all without washing hands. I never had allergies as a child and the only time I get sick in Beirut is when I am exposed to an extreme amount of pollution or the strange pollen from the pine trees here that plagues nearly everyone about once a year. I am even tolerant of something called the spring worm (caterpillar) that has feces and body hairs that are extremely irritating.

Our bodies are stronger than we give them credit for and we need to stop being a nation/world of hypochondriacs. Its nice that there seems to be some serious study on this issue. From personal experience I seem to see that the people who are the sickest are those that were sheltered the most growing up.

Comment Re:Infected? (Score 1) 285

being forwarded in an email or on removable media are the most obvious ways that malware is being passed along. For the most part it is not very likely for an infected/malicious file (unless intentional) to be passed from a Mac to Windows machine, but I've scanned my email folders occasionally and found a file that is harmless on my MacBook but would compromise a Windows system if opened. So it can happen, its not BS.


Submission + - High School Senior posted swears on Twiitter Gets Expelled From School (afmediagroup.org)

An anonymous reader writes: An Indiana High School Student has been expelled for using the F-word multiple times on a twitter post. According to Austin Carroll’s tweet:

“F*** is one of those F****** words you can F****** put anywhere in a F****** sentence and it still F****** makes sense.”

Though the comment is not directed at anyone, and is in a playful, rather than derogatory tone, Garrett High School still found it to be inappropriate enough to warrant expulsion.

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