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Comment Re:Still don't trust SSDs (Score 1, Interesting) 144

That sounds like a vendor issue using cheap SSD components, not a fault of SSDs in general.

Samsung 840 EVOs are certainly a nightmare, everyone one I deployed has needed be replaced. Samsung 830 Pro and 840 Pros I have deployed are still running. Enterprise SSDs are the real place you should be looking for reliable performance over time.

Comment Re:Exclusives and ease of use (Score 1) 140

Lifelong gamer here, with kids and wife who also game. Nobody actually cares about consoles anymore, the world has moved on, Tablet/phone games and pc games are where the safe money will be. Xbone and PS4 are just computers that are locked in to their titles. Once the xbox360 goes out, we'll never go back to consoles.

Comment Domain Registrars are all scammers (Score 4, Interesting) 108


I had pandora[x].com since 2000, on auto-renew, suddenly pandora.com actually hit big, registrar turned off auto-renew, the alert emails were nowhere to be found, and my domain was suddenly owned by a cayman islands company. The creation date is still 2000-01-12..

GoDaddy themselves transferred another domain of mine to one of their third party scamming companies that tries to sell domains while I was trying to get it renewed (within that 30 days after it expires). It's been 6+ years and they've done nothing with it, just sitting there, I have .net .org and .us for the name as well. Creation date on it is still 2000-01-16.

Don't ever take a chance with your domains, register them for 10 years at a time. GoDaddy, while having some useful services, will fuck you.

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