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Comment The game industry needs a shakeup (Score 1) 221

When I see things like this, I know its a game I won't be playing. I will NOT spend additionally money on a game after I purchase it. World of Warcraft is slightly different in its subscription fees. But, everyone who pays the $13 a month gets the same game. Not different tiers of things depending on how much you spend.

EA is going to be in some serious trouble if they think this will work well as a long term business plan. As it is, I generally don't buy EA games anymore because most of the games they produce are cloned out versions of the same game over and over. Not to mention the quality of the games is piss poor. Command and Conquer vs Warcraft or Starcraft ? EA can't touch Blizzard with a 10' pole here. I will always buy a Blizzard game over EA because they are quality.

EA is going to be in serious shit if they continue down this road.

Comment I forgot what seasons are (Score 1) 451

Since I moved to San Francisco, I kinda forgot what seasons are. The winter time gets colder, but not nearly cold enough for snow or anything. I don't see leaves falling, since well ... there are very few trees to actually see. The summer time doesn't heat up like other places, it gets a tiny bit warmer and 2 weeks of hotter weather. Can you call 2 weeks a season ?

Comment Re:No one can stop the x86 train... (Score 1) 272

I seriously doubt Windows is running on 96% of netbooks. Microsoft might be _selling_ on 98% of them but that is because its near impossible to get a good one that doesn't have Windows pre-installed. I am getting a MSI Wind U100 next week and I am sure as hell not using Windows on it. It comes pre-installed but I won't even boot into it. I am going to install Ubuntu and OS X on it.

Comment Fuck IE6 and fuck people who use it (Score 1) 531

By using IE6 you are personally responsible for holding back innovation. Countless development time is wasted supporting the completely broken browser. If the company you work for is still using IE6, then they are a serious problem. Well, personally I would never work for a company that is a Windows shop, but that is a whole other story.

All my development supports modern browsers only. If you can't or won't upgrade, then too bad ... its not my problem. The percentage of IE6 users against all my sites is very low, sub 10% of users. But even if it was 25% or more ... it still wouldn't cause me to waste precious development time on a pile of shit browser.

When you visit some of my sites you are given a warning that the site will be broken in IE6 and that you need to upgrade.

This is what happens when you get in bed with Microsoft, you will get screwed in the end.

Comment Re:question: (Score 4, Interesting) 307

They are really going to destroy the language with this idea. Its a *VERY* bad design decision, and they really don't care what the community thinks of it. People suggested using ::: ... that claim its too many characters to type. Ok, how about : or . or one of the other suggestions.

The decision was made in IRC without any community input. People are very unhappy with it, and they don't care. It almost makes me embarrassed to be a PHP developer.

Maybe with some luck, a competent development team will fork it.


Submission + - Boxee forced to remove Hulu ( 1

SnapperHead writes: "Two weeks ago Hulu called and told Boxee their content partners were asking them to remove Hulu from boxee. Boxee tried (many times) to plead the case for keeping Hulu on Boxee, but on Friday of this week, in good faith, Boxee will be removing it."

Comment Only 2 possibilities (Score 1) 873

There are only 2 possibilities of why she would push so hard for it:

1) She has no technical knowledge at all and/or not even a basic understand of how the internet works. Just another Ted Stevens.

2) She is being bribed or blackmailed but some ISP.

Nobody in their right mind would want to support this kinda of action unless they are being paid off. Its flat out ludicrous.

Comment Panic:coda (Score 1) 1131

I have recently become a fan of Panic:Coda ( I used to use Komodo, which is really nice but just too damn slow to load up and has a ugly UI. Using an editor all day long, it needs to look nice and work well. Coda doesn't have all the features, but its very stable.

Comment Totally true (Score 1) 398

Also, how many digital downloads were done to restore a lost or broken CD. I can't tell you how many times I have purchased the same "The Doors" CD only to have it stolen from my car or what not. After a while I gave up and downloaded it. After buying it like 10 times over (at least), I feel I am entitled to download it.

A large portion of the stuff I download, I download because I want that 1 song and you can't just purchase that 1 song. Why ? Well, because they are a 1 hit wonder and you can't just buy the single of it. The record companies know that people wouldn't buy the entire album if they didn't have to. iTunes also makes it "Album only". So, guess what ... download it is.

Now, there has been a crap ton of stuff I have purchased *after* I downloaded it. Downloaded it, listened to it .. liked it, so I went out and purchased the remaining albums. Did I honestly buy that same album I downloaded ? Well, no ... however, I did purchase a few more albums and they got more money from me then they would have otherwise.

The record industry needs to realize that it needs to embrace new technology and advertising means. Issuing a DMCA against a Youtube video to take down a video that some kid put together using some semi popular song only pisses off customers. I have found a lot of music I like this way and if the industry doesn't want my money, then fine I will go back to downloading.

The more difficult they make it for me to legally obtain and keep music the greater the chance I will download it. Face it, I am lazy and I don't like to leave the house. I *HATE* going to music stores, I don't like the environment or sales people. By making it easier for me to get it online that only means more sales. I am not going to go to a brick and mortar store to get it, it just won't happen. They are way too over priced anyway. Why the hell do we even need these stores anymore ?!

Comment I want to see a blind study (Score 1) 432

With so many people claiming sickness from wifi we really need some blind studies.

Take a group of people far into the wilderness with some wifi equipment. Leave them out there for a few days and don't tell them if they equipment is on or off.

Ask them if they have any headaches or other BS they are claiming. I am willing to bet, in a blind study you will find out that the claims are ridiculous.

*IF* after a few studies they find it to be true then I would agree with it until then I call BS and ask them to STFU already. :)

Comment Re:MS is an oil tanker (Score 1) 376

Microsoft has been pissing off their customers in a fun product called Vista. Using your tanker analogy, Microsoft has a huge gaping hole on the side of the ship. Its not going to stop them, it will slow them over time but its them bleeding customers.

People are starting to look for alternatives. I couldn't believe it when I saw 2 friends of mine, who have next to no technical knowledge purchased a laptop and installed Ubuntu on it. I almost fell out of my chair when I saw it.

There are also lots of people switching to Mac or wanting to switch to Mac. Lets face it, Apple is more expensive because they don't have a low end machine. They don't want to fork out the money right now, so they are just waiting. Will they switch ? No idea, but the ones who have made the switch haven't been happier. Hell, I am one of them.

There are alternatives and many people are eye balling them. If Microsoft drops the ball on Windows 7, that hole in the side of the tanker is only going to get bigger. Don't get me wrong, I totally agree that it would take a major event for that hole to sink the ship.

Comment Anyone suprised ?? (Score 1) 314

Besides the obvious economy being in the crapper, why would someone spend $36 for a Bluray at Best Buy when you can get the same Bluray from Amazon for $22. Pretty much anything you buy at Best Buy amazon has for far less. A few months back, I looked at 500GB drives at Best Buy. They wanted like $250 for it, when I purchased it at Newegg for $150. Amazon had the same price, however I will buy from someone else before I go to Amazon. I really can't stand their CEO so I try to avoid them. But, when push comes to shove, I will buy from them.

Maybe this economy will get some brick and mortar stores to re-think their pricing strategy.


Submission + - Company Sells Open-Source Software As Its Own ( 4

teknopurge writes: "After using the software for years I was shocked to find that one of my favorite open-source projects, Zabbix, had its code stolen, rebranded and sold for profit as Firescope. Touting thier product as "revolutionary", Firescope has apparently copied the Zabbix repository and themed the interface without adhering to the GPL that Zabbix is distributed with. Is this not the worst fear of every open source project?"

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