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Comment In this thread, see the anti-China hate train (Score 0) 148

American government propaganda is accepted as inviolable truth. So a few congressional flunkies who have some ignorant voters to pander to claim that Huawei spies for the Chinese government. That's great, we can just as easily claim that Cisco phones home, or Microsoft Windows phones home, or Boeing bugs the jets of foreign leaders; oops, this one actually happens. As usual the Slashdot anti-China hate train flames China for everything it can get its hands on for no reason whatsoever, showing all the hallmarks of the typical Western hypocrisy.

Comment Re:Forgot what Snowden said? (Score 0) 62

This article, its posting here on Slashdot, and the entirely predictable "Down with TEH EVIL RED CHINA" comment responses are exactly the same as if Fox News posted an overblown, partisan, and hypocritical article about something Obama may or may not have done wrong. The agenda at every step is to cheerlead for the USA with no regards to objectivity and blow up out of proportion something bad China supposedly did, even though the USA has done the same things. I thought Snowden's revelations would get rid of this kind of tripe, nope, within a month it's back.

You want your team to win, and just like in a sports match your team can't commit a foul and everything the other team does is a foul. I get it. It seems some things never change.

Comment Still up in arms about "Chinese hacking"? (Score 1) 491

When it is clear that your side does the same things, if not worse, to its enemies? Is it OK if it's your team doing the hacking, as Western hypocrisy typically dictates?

As an aside, Snowden has set back American foreign policy deeply. He really is a traitor. Of course we'll take it gladly, he's helping our cause every day.

Comment More Western hypocrisy (Score 1, Flamebait) 139

Blah blah blah, evil red China is hacking us. You guys do it to us too, all the time, according to your new hero Snowden, but it's all good if your team does it, right? Now watch as you guys will try your damnedest to split hairs and somehow say that China's hacking was somehow worse or that the US hacking is justified for national security. That just cements the hypocrisy.

Comment Re:And yet... (Score 1) 2987

This is a ridiculous line of reasoning and it is even more ridiculous that people are upvoting it. No government in the history of the world has ever written in its constitution a provision for its own demise. Say what you will about self-defense or individual liberties, but there is no fucking way the Founders intended for the people to have guns so they could overthrow the government.

Comment It's clear which way the wind is blowing (Score 0) 2987

President Obama refuses to call for additional gun control today, despite being a DEMOCRATIC party president with major political capital from just being emphatically reelected. The Democrats have abandoned this issue en masse. The gun lobby already has answers prepared (if people at the school had guns the only dead person would be the shooter, etc.) and they have traction among the population. Federal court struck down a concealed carry law in Illinois 2 days ago and it doesn't seem likely that the Supreme Court will roll that back.

It's clear the NRA has won on this issue. I don't think anyone can deny that, no matter what political party they belong to.

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