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Comment Improvements have to come a few at a time (Score 1) 241

All of these SGBDs are actually toys being sold for more then they are capable of. So developers there have to try to catch up to PostgreSQL before it becomes (even) easier to use and eat their lunch.

Meanwhile, the issues meriting scarce development and, mainly, review time at PostgreSQL are more interesting than accelerating a few workloads in hardware which is not yet in the servers out there. Things like making PostgreSQL even easier to install, set-up and manage, even more ISO SQL compliant, even more capable, even better than NoSQL at NoSQL loads

Now, if you can show your GPU aware PostgreSQL extension or modification, and show it is generally useful enough to merit review time for the next release why not?

Comment We do not have the commitment (Score 1) 439

In the 1980s the Brazilian government wanted to do just that, after the AMX project, where we were junior partners to the Italians. But the 1980s debt crush, followed by the 1990s bubble burst and tiger economies’ crises, and then populist governments during the 1980s and 2000s, totally killed any viability to a Brazilian supersonic.

Not only that, the market is already too cramped. It makes much more sense to just become a junior partner with Saab (now; it could have been someone else, even if it is hard to see whomever) in the hopes of becoming an equal partner in the future.

Not that I believe in any such future. We simply do not have neither the long term vision, nor the first rate education, nor the need nor the demographical viability.

Comment Not so simple (Score 1) 439

The best for what against what?

Both Brazil and Switzerland lack credible menaces. For us (I am Brazilian but have an attachment to Switzerland, my son having been born there), the Gripen is more than enough, and enables us to participate in the project, which is more useful than simply buying the latest toy.

BTW, why is a Swiss report written in English? I would expect German.

Comment Re:5. First Amendment (Score 1) 233

The US has **the most journalistic freedom in the world**

wrong, according the journos themselves at least; US doesn't even make it into the top 30.

Journos are hardly the best judges, as they have their collective bias as well. And it seems to be Leftist: notice how Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil and Israel are all lumped together, while Venezuela has effective persecution of the press; Argentina is trying to follow on its heels, fortunately less effectively; and Brazil is solidary with these governments. In fact, the three governments have the same tendencies; I would argue the difference in the effectiveness of political censorship is less a difference of substance in the government and more of different strengths of the civil societies.

Israel should be about par with Europe and North America, which shows journos ignored the circumstance of its living in a continuous state of war.

Comment Awesome, but the wrong hardware. (Score 1) 171

Awesome, but an SLR is simply inadequate for video. What you really want is a mirrorless system, preferrably one optimised for digital sensors. The only one nowadays is Micro Four Thirds, with Olympus, Panasonic &, soon, Kodak cameras. Of these, Panasonic is the more video oriented, and its flagship hybrid GH line cameras have already been hacked, so I would be interested if someone replicated this hack there (or at the nearly equivalent Olympus OMD EM line).

Comment Re:Not exactly. (Score 1) 159

Citation? directs you to eiðer or, thru a link named ‘RJ45 (computers), to Ðen read up.

They've always been considered as the same thing nearly everywhere.

Yes, but they are not even compatible.

Most people think SQL is relational, and it is not. It is definetly based on ðe relational model, but it has always violated ðe most basic principles of the model. In the case of RJ45, the misnaming seems to be based on simple visual resemblance.

And it's 8P8C modular connector, thank you. There are other types of eight pin, eight conductor connectors.

I did not know, thank you for ðe correction. But... citation? ;-)

Submission + - Help the OED Find a Lost Book

imlepid writes: The Oxford English Dictionary is currently undergoing a complete overhaul which includes a reexamination of the 300,000+ entries and citations for those entries. Understandably for a work witch is over 150 years old, some of the sources have become hard to find. One such example is a book titled "Meanderings of Memory" by Nightlark, which is cited 49 times in the OED, including for some rare words. The OED's editorial team has appealed to the public, 'Have you seen a copy of this book?'

Submission + - Statistical analysis finds Google shuts down 35% of its services ( 1

zacharye writes: A statistical analysis of Google’s track record has found that more than one out of every three services Google launches ends up being shut down. A recent extensive analysis of Google’s launches over the years was published in an effort to find closure patterns and maybe even predict which current and new services might be shuttered in the future. In doing so, the site found that a sizable chunk of Google’s product portfolio — 35% — has been shut down over the years...

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