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Comment Don't need Sherlock for this one (Score 5, Informative) 169

Heat was very obviously external as the outside was melted and the inside was only slightly marked, the story would probably have been called out as dubious right away if the army of Apple fanboys hadn't seized on it started posting it everywhere and ignoring all the evidence.

Even I'm surprised someone was stupid enough to put their phone in a microwave mind you.

Comment Re:Found at 125 GeV (Score 1) 396

What you have to remember about black holes is they even twist space around them so anything going past that event horizon is going to be in a crazy whirlpool of spacetime so escape is impossible even if something is completely massless. Granted this is just based my own thoughts and not based on any real understanding of physics.

Comment Ruined my day (Score 5, Insightful) 329

First thing I saw when I turned on my PC and I actually came from the Slashdot iGoogle widget.

I've been using iGoogle since it first launched and it's really the only reason I use many of Googles services and also the only reason I bother logging into Google at all.

Very disappointed in honesty I think I'll probably end up giving Bing a try simply because I can't think of anything else to replace it with.

Comment Think they denied me as well (Score 1) 1116

I tried to buy an iPod Touch there a few years ago and they claimed they didn't have any, Now this wasn't just after a release or anything like that and I wouldn't think the iPod is a huge seller anymore, I think it was pretty obvious they just didn't want to sell me one. Could well be because it was my first time in an Apple store and I think I was probably looking at the people who obviously spent their free time just hanging out there like they were morons which I have to admit I was really thinking at the time. Still cost them at least £300 as I wanted a 64gb, also just for the record I'm just a normal white guy in Northern Ireland.

Comment Pointless (Score 3, Insightful) 168

I'm more concerned with what they will start blocking now they have a precedent, wouldn't surprise me in ten years if you have only government licensed sites and a seriously crazy darknet going on, I think they'll come to regret trying to censor when they realise they have lost all control . I'm on virgin and had a check, yes t's blocked but it took me ten seconds to be able to access it anyway.

Comment Maybe I'm crazy (Score 1) 1174

I've always wondered why they don't just put the door to the cockpit on the outside of the plane surely this would be the best way to prevent hijackings. I'm aware that doesn't solve all security concerns but it would have been enough to prevent 911, my other thought for the other worst cases are giving the pilot cctv, radio links t the other crew and even possibly a sleep gas button although I also can still remember how that went for that school taken hostage n Russia.

Comment Re:used or bust (Score 1) 423

They really are it's already happened where I am, because of EA and Capcom basicly killing of the GAME uk stores I've been unable to buy games for the simple fact that I can't find them, at least the titles I want, it's pretty annoying because I have new Vita which just doesn't have the storage space to go digital (UK is limited to 16gb cards which is absolutely pathetic).

Comment Re:America is Losing the Plot! (Score 2) 417

Also read yesterday the US is also proposing Sanctions against the UK

I'm honestly sick of spineless UK politicians sucking up to them we should just strengthen our ties with Europe instead.

Comment I'm on Sonys side (Score 1) 293

I can't really blame them for this when hacking basicly destroyed the PSP and really limited the games being developed. Vita is only out and it's actually a very promising bit of hardware, there is also no reason for homebrewers to hack it as they are making PS suite available to anyone who wants to make programs for it.

Just for the record I did boycott Sony for quite a few years myself and they have done some downright despicable things like the rootkit and the otherOS removal but I think their improving and so far this year I've bought an eink reader and a Vita from them both purchases I'm pleased with.

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