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Comment Re: Low fat whole grain? (Score 1) 788

>Do you have any actual proof at all that whole grains are not healthier than processed grains?

We could start with understanding the difference between whole/partial and processed/not processed.

Flour in any form, whether the whole grain or not is processed. White flour is partial and processed. Whole grain flour is whole and processed.
Wholeness of the grain has to do with the presence of the whole grain. Processing has to do with the extent to which it has been physically or chemically altered.

I subscribe to the established (by science!) fact that wheat agglutin is an insulin mimetic and to a greater or lesser extent this interacts with the stomach lining in not-good ways. The presence of the kernel, husk and/or kitchen sink don't alter the presence of the wheat agglutin. The rate at which it fettles your glycemic load does not alter the number of wheat agglutin molecules that are present. You might have western metabolic disorder and then the carbs are bad for you. That's a different issue entirely.

The extent to which it interacts with your innards depends heavily on who you are. Western Europeans and middle easterners for instance have had many more thousands of years to adapt to wheat than in the far East for instance. But it varies widely from individual to individual. The science is fascinating.

I could go and dig up the papers and analysis by smarter people than me that led me down this path of understanding, but it's Sunday evening, I didn't keep copious notes and I'm not going digging right now.

Being sciency, I'm open to new data and better science but the balance right now is wheat is a problem. The carb/glucose/fructose = bad thing is much more problematic, since there are well documented cases of people with obesity problems improving their situation by both going to high fat/no carb and by going to no-fat/high carb/high sugar and of course there are all the skinny people who eat what they want. If was a simple case of carbs make people fat, this would not be the case. Low carb works for me, but I don't pretend to understand the whole shebang and I don't think anyone does.

Comment Re:About time. (Score 1) 788

"The first recorded cases of cancer appear about the time and place that wheat agriculture began."

The first recorded cases of cancer are in ancient Egypt. They happen to correspond exactly with the earliest surviving medical texts. Cancer has always been around - it will kill all multicellular organisms in the end, unless something else kills them first.

You need to provide some evidence that human cancer was around before the rise of wheat agriculture in Egypt for that argument to hold. There is plenty of data from the last two centuries of African and innuit populations with no recorded cases of cancer, recorded by western doctors and this then changed as they adopted western elements into their diet. In the context of that, the Egypt data lines up well. Taken alone, the Egypt data is subject to interpretation about the availability of texts, but it's not just the one thing. Taube's GCBG has references to all the papers on this but it's a long read.

Comment Re:He's just the anti-Obama (Score 1) 788

I checked with the expert that's sitting next to me and he said you're both dumbasses.

My expert has a PhD in education, has performed education research, has worked extensively with the DoE and has been a middle school teacher. So she's in a better position to judge than I am, but I pick things up along the way.

Comment Re:Low fat whole grain? (Score 1) 788

>Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to get too little sodium in your diet?

Yes. Cooking for myself I have control over my macronutrient intake, fat type intake and micronutrient intake. If I have too little salt or magnesium I start to cramp. Popping a magnesium pill and taking some salt fixes it quickly. This happens when I'm working in the sun and sweating a lot.

I avoid pre-packaged foods, I buy ingredients. So I don't suffer from the bad food constituents of those foods.

Comment Re: Low fat whole grain? (Score 1) 788

Go on then. Bifurcate into three and have one of you eat a whole grains (no flour, that's processed), one of you eat processed grains and the last one of you eat loads of nutrient rich fatty protein food sources, correctly salted. See what the outcome is. Wheat is wheat however you grind it. Your stomach lining doesn't care if the insulin mimetic properties of wheat agglutin came in whole food packaging or not.

>universally accepted as healthy

You use the word 'universally'. I don't think you know what that means.

Comment Re:He's just the anti-Obama (Score 1) 788

The other more significant change is the move to teach to the test, because the student scores on the next test directly impacted the school and teachers, so anything outside things specifically being tests for NCLB criteria were deprecated. Goodbye rounded education.

That and all the bloody testing.

Comment Re: Maybe (Score 2) 450

How convenient. We can just dismiss concerns of bias now by offering an alternate hypotheis, and no need for proof.

No we can establish the original hypothesis hasn't been shown to be established with any reasonable certainly by simply pointing out a plausible alternate hypothesis that the original claims didn't explore.

It's normal in good science papers to run through all the alternatives and provide data to refute them, or point out that that some alteranitive hypothesis might be true.

Comment Re:About time. (Score 1) 788

Enough to not kill you, but still too little is very painful.

Experientially speaking, it makes you not want to eat any food that doesn't have enough salt on it. Literally you'd rather starve than eat because of the lack of salt.

I was talking about pain resulting from muscle cramps caused by too little salt, but yes, there are palatability issues too.

Comment Re:He's just the anti-Obama (Score 1) 788

> The net effect of the DoE has been strongly negative on schools and pupils.

Wrong. Ted Kennedy's No Child Left Behind has been great for children. Except for the part where he decided to require schools to let military recruiters have students' contact information, it is nearly as good as can be. He listened to the teachers when he coauthored the bill.

Really? When I checked with an expert on the matter, who's sitting right next to me, she laughed.

Comment Re:What's wrong with a packed lunch? (Score 1) 788

I'm Aussie and I think the culture is different compared to the states, but when I went to school virtually everyone brought their own packed lunch from home.

Me and a number of my friends were given money by our parents to buy our lunches from the school canteen once a week, usually on shopping day when we had not much food left in the house.

Does anyone in the US send their children to school with packed lunches, or is it something of a social stigma to do so?

When my kid was going to school and of a certain age, bringing lunch had no stigma. Having the coolest lunchbox was certainly a thing though. School food was horrible and so packed lunches were in demand by children.

Comment Re:About time. (Score 1, Troll) 788

What about less salt, whole grains, and more veggies is junk?

I'm not saying the menus couldnt be better but they were a lot worse.

Too little salt kills you. Enough to not kill you, but still too little is very painful. Too much has no measurable health enpoint effect unless a 5 ton block of salt lands on your head. The correlations are to proxies, not actual health outcomes.

Whole grains make you fat. Wheat agglutin is toxic to many and just slowly kills the others. The first recorded cases of cancer appear about the time and place that wheat agriculture began.

Veggies are probably ok, but they aren't necessary. Put liver, kidneys, eggs and fatty meat on the menu with salt and pepper at the tables and no one would be harmed.

Comment Re:Don't forget lunch shaming... (Score 1) 788

If the parents forgot to pay off a previous balance for school lunches, the kid's lunch gets thrown into the garbage to shame them. Only in America...

So one bored or unthinking lunch lady, in an isolated incident, defines for you the school lunch experience that is typical of America?


I remember it being like that with my kid when she was at elementary school. It didn't help that the means of paying was massively difficult, with a very incompetently cobbled together web site, which is why parents failed to pay the bill. It wasn't for want of trying. There was no notification either. You had to hold a seance to find the balance.

Comment Re:What is the rationale? (Score 1) 788

Beyond just to get rid of all traces of Obama, is there any reason to go back to the previous standards? Lowering sodium intake seems like a good idea given all the studies that show correlation between cardiac health issues and high levels of sodium. Honest question here...

You know that the many studies showing a correlation between blood pressure and salt intake don't actually pan out for health effect right? You know correlation is there but heavily confounded by many things that are hard to control for right? You know that the amount of blood pressure increase for a western salt intake given the claimed correlation is minute and easily offset with a tiny bit of exercise don't you? Of course you know that if you get too little salt, you die.

BTW, it's not sodium. If we were feeding sodium to kids, they would explode. It's sodium chloride, which is completely different chemically.

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