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Comment Re:security is built in the application, not platf (Score -1) 234

why not quote the changes made to the HTML 1.0 spec... or perhaps the changes necessary to the first telephone switch? one time i installed a dead bolt upside down and had to turn it around so it would work as intended.


you bringing up HTML4 only further suggests i'm right, as you can muster no pertinent factual evidence of your own.

you're an idiot.

Comment Re:The last 25% (Score -1) 368

i ensure you, me and my family have much larger ordnances than you.

you are not capable of shooting ANY of us. we would LOVE to shoot back, and we're all waiting for you. 1 step on MY PROPERTY and i have just cause. DO NOT ENTER MY LAND.

implying that capital offenses can exist in a relative state IS IGNORANT. you are an idiot.

my address is 4513 Brittany Ct. Eau Claire, WI. 54701.

because my family and i have not yet been shot, you are also A LIAR AND A COWARD.

you are NOTHING.

Comment Re:short sighted summary author (Score -1) 747

i am an extremely creative person in many different mediums.

if someone paid me full time to ONLY be creative in ONLY multimedia content creation, i would be able to make a higher quality product. when no one is capable of such a situation, the end product is OF LOWER QUALITY.

you can't deny that. you're an idiot.

Comment Re:Great Article (Score -1) 222

i am forced to make more accounts as slashdot limits the amount i can post each day. i am doing nothing to imply i am not the same person... you yourself are claiming that is so.... so if you really believed that, why would you think anyone else wouldn't?

is it because you're an idiot?

you are NOTHING

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