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Comment Re:It took so long (Score 1) 69

Now if only they'd be forced to advertise their upstream speeds too. This tends to be the biggest bottleneck and pain point, and also the hardest information to find. This was one of the reasons I originally went with BT when FTTC was rolled out in my neighbourhood (and I hated myself everyday for being their customer) was because I knew I'd get 20mbs upstream. Compared with other 'fast' providers like Virgin, this is actually very good. Virgin BTW buried this information somehwere on their website, and it transpires, is (was?) a lot slower and also variable... fuck you very much!

Comment Re:I quit so I could go into an office (Score 1) 422

I also don't telecommute anymore. I did it for ten years, and ended up utterly hating it. I still work with remote people when I go to the office, but really I just need to get out of the house. I am so much more focused and productive when I have a deadline looming everyday :). I'm also so much more productive just being around people: you can pick up so much more being in earshot of people, or just having people around who might randomly be able to save you a whole bunch of time Googling for things. Everybody's different though, and although many people have learnt how to be efficient with tools like Skype or finding other ways to get information, I think working as collective of hermits is just very strange and will create problems for society.

Comment Re:20 years of decline (Score 1) 726

And now most of my posts are as AC simply because that's how things end up when I'm using my phone, and faffing around logging in just increase the risk of losing something that took too much effort to type on a mobile 'keyboard'. Actually I guess the mobile version of the site just isn't conducive to spending much time on /. nor making a big effort with comments, although the latter might simply be the new norm of mobile interaction.

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