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Comment Re:Glad they won't be in the EU for much longer (Score 2) 213

Yep, same thing for Canada. Just ask the lumber industry in BC how good job security was even after NAFTA and the WTO ruled in their favour. About the only way to make Brexiters realise how riduculous their position is is to rephrase this in terms of a relationship that they understand: what would they say if Ireland or Norway tried to make similar demands of the UK that the UK is making of the EU? And by the way, every county in the UK gets to have a vote on the final arrangement (per Wallonia throwing a spanner in the works of the EU-Canada deal).

Comment Re:Didn't see the point of it (Score 1) 47

No, I don't think so, although admittedly last year the shopping malls I went in seemed to be finally offering free wifi which saved me having to stand outside the Apple Store. I visit Australia a lot and it's irritating. Even my in-laws get jumpy about turning on personal hotspots and the cost of data. It just generally adds to cost of an expensive country.

Comment Re: They're already doing that to an extent (Score 1) 94

The US and UK have something similar. Automation and biometrics have been going on for years at our country's borders. For island nations it's basically impossible for most people to enter/exit the country anonymously. I'm not sure what the critics are whinging about in this case because they do seem a little late to or detached from the game.

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