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Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 221

I earn decent money for my services and I'm all too happy to pay you for yours. Sell me what I want to buy and I buy it.

I don't want to buy your DRM-encumbered crap and I generally don't. For my money I'll watch it my way and if that's not OK with you, I'll watch it my way anyway and you just won't get paid for it.

Comment Re: First Sale Doctrine? (Score 1) 285

Disney could make a strong argument under 'equity'

If the First Sale doctrine holds then that doesn't matter. The owner of a copy has the right to dispose of his copy any way he pleases, including splitting up the work and selling the pieces individually, regardless of how that impacts the copyright owner.

If the First Sale doctrine doesn't hold then that still doesn't matter because Disney's license prohibiting the sale of the codes would govern.

Submission + - Old movies/TV shows being changed is freaking out the Mandela Effect crowd (alternatememories.com)

phonewebcam writes: The third season of Mr Robot is here, and it features the Mandela Effect conspiracy in it's story line. That name comes from the idea that some people remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the 1980's, but rather than accept they were wrong, claim he really did in their universe. They then somehow moved to one where he didn't, so there is no evidence of it apart from their memories. There are many other examples of this, such as the Star Wars line "No, I am your father" being widely remembered as "Luke, I am your father".

Carter Tweed talks of a technical angle which those who believe they are affected are just gonna love: old digital content being manipulated, initially to show ads. In other words, now it really is possible to show convincing different content on the internet to that which was originally broadcast. This goes back as far as 2011, where reruns of How I Met Your Mother had digital plasma TV's inserted in a scene showing ads for a movie which hadn't been made then. Many more examples exist, such as Gene Kelly breakdancing and the Star Wars digital re-release.

How long before this is being done covertly? And if someone claims it is, will they just be dismissed as a Mandela Effect conspiracist?

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 92

I have the corporate version. It's the same as the free version but you have a domain and can add and remove your own accounts.

Authentication factors: What you know, what you have, what you are.

What you know: a password
What you have: a cell phone
What you are: a fingerprint

Two elements from "what you know" is only single factor authentication. For two factor authentication, you need elements from two categories.

So, your password and your high school mascot is only single-factor authentication because both are from the "what you know" category.

A password plus the six digits from Google Authenticator is two factors: what you know (password) and what you have (a cell phone running Google Authenticator with the appropriate encryption key).

Comment Re:So... (Score 4, Insightful) 297

The problem with allowing the kind of UI altering extensions that Firefox does is that it's an insane security risk and a massive performance issue.

The only reason I still use Firefox is the UI altering extensions that make it look and work like Firefox did the better part of two decades ago. I despise the modern UI and have no use for a version of firefox that requires it.

Comment Re:The same as before with one exception (Score 1) 465

Each user uses a different handful. That handful makes it worth sticking with Firefox in a Chrome world. Remove the handful and... no more Firefox users.

As for me, I use Classic Theme Restorer because I like how Firefox used to look and work. Even though firefox freezes on me daily, I continue to use it because with Classic Theme Restorer it looks and acts like I want. When that's no longer the case, I'll have no further reason to put up with Firefox's flaws. The end.

Comment Re:Basic Skill (Score 1) 556

When you ask which aspect, I'll ask you to pick your favorite and dive deep. If you answer "42" first, I'll recognize that you have a good sense of humor that'll make a positive impact on the working environment. And if ultimately you can do half a year of university-level lecturing, I'll figure that out within about 5 minutes of answer.

See how that works?

Comment Re:Basic Skill (Score 1) 556

I want to hire people who enjoy sharing their knowledge. I want folks who in spite of their brilliance won't leave me in a lurch where no one else on the team understands their work well enough to maintain it. Your particular manner of self-selection helps me greatly.

If you were interviewing for a Linux or Unix job, I'd also ask you to name the 12 Unix file permission bits. It's not an insult, it's a weed-out. A shocking number of alleged Linux sysadmins use chmod by rote, without understanding what's really happening.

Comment Re: Basic Skill (Score 1) 556

Correct, getaddrinfo() asked the -host's- naming service to resolve a name and the resolution isn't necessarily from the DNS. And if you were interviewing with me, you'd be well on your way to passing the weedout by demonstrating a depth of knowledge.

One of those three things you listed is different from the others. That forms the followup question I'd ask you.

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