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Comment Not surprising (Score 4, Insightful) 200

Well, on one hand they have some small company praised by unorganized groups of geeks, and on the other hand - really big player with thousands of employees and way more people directly or indirectly depending on them - Military-Industrial Complex is not a child's toy. So if you are making a political decision (even not considering "campaign contributions"), it's a no-brainer - supporting Boeing gives you much more political bonus points than supporting some small hipster company. Questions of efficiency, final costs, terms and other "technicalities" are absolutely not important in this case. So, of course, it is sad, but highly logical.

Comment Re: Escapism (Score 1) 292

Surprisingly yes. Although side-quests (Dark Brotherhood especially) are much more fun than the main questline, but that's the curse of Bethesda since the Morrowind/Oblivion (opinions differ). There are some good reviews on the Dragonborn DLC, mentioning interesting story, but I've yet to play it. Still, they've managed to make Shimmering Isles, so maybe they've got this DLC right too.

Comment Re:cool (Score 2) 292

There are many really nice and enjoyable single-player games coming out right now, so all this "multiplayer-only" fad is just that - a fad. If you love X-Com you may look at recent remake UFO: Enemy Unknown, If you like MoM you may look up Worlds of Magic, or there is new Civilization game coming out that looks like a nice crossbreed between Civ5 and Alpha Centauri. As for the MoO2 - I haven't found anything as good, but Endless Space got close enough to capture my attention for several weeks. And in all that games I've found new graphics, enhanced gameplay, and the "same old" overall feeling - plus multiplayer is totally optional, although can be fun too.

Simply put - don't get on the hype bandwagons and look for the interesting games yourself, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Comment Re:This may be the way to escape from Comcast (Score 1) 418

BTW, putting you in the "Active services suspension" (or simply "A.S.S.") is actually costing them time and money, so, of course, it's going to be added to your regular bill. And then, naturally, getting you out of this "A.S.S." is going to cost them some more, and you'll be charged for that too. And then the cycle may repeat indefinitely.

Yeah, regular "evil villains" are rose-cheeked kindergartners compared to some Telcos' executives.

Comment Re:Suercaps (Score 2) 149

Yep, and with the advancement of portable fusion reactors the need for supercaps will be going sharply down. And with the advancement of Star Trek-style transporters the need for cars will be going sharply down. And with the advancement of brain uploading technologies the need for physical transportation will be going sharply down. And so on...

But in reality, businesses will develop their fields until they become completely unprofitable. SSDs are completely mainstream now, but all major HDD manufacturers are still developing new HDDs, and do not seem to slow down.

And I don't see how these supercaps would outperform lithium batteries in terms of cost, efficiency, reliability and so on in the nearest decade or so. Of course, I want my goddamned flying car right now, but that doesn't mean that I wouldn't buy some nice Tesla in the meantime.

Comment Re:Put it this way (Score 1) 789

Oh, you do underestimate the fragility of position of any Russian leader, do you? Look up in Wikipedia how fast did some Czar, Prince or General Secretary encountered "health problems" when they showed any sign of weakness. It's all much more sinister than "I-do-what-I-want-because-fuck-you" typical dictator situation.

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