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Comment Playstation NOW is Sony's answer (Score 1) 151

I'm sure a PS2 emulator has novelty value but I'm not sure many people will really be that interested. Wouldn't a PS3 emulator make more sense given a lot of PS4 owners may still have a PS3 to play PS3 games and might prefer one console to do both? Or is the PS4 simply not powerful enough to do it?

Sony's solution is Playstation NOW. It is a streaming service to let you play PS4 games on your PS4 using a streaming "rental" model. The plan is to include PS3 games at some point.

Comment Re:Let me get this right. (Score 1) 151

As someone who has never had a console, do I understand correctly that people normally have to re-buy games when they upgrade their consoles? i.e. not like a PC where something 20 years old can, sometimes with a bit of hacking, still be played on your current machine.

That's... ugh... do you just stack all your consoles in your living room so you can select the appropriate one for the games you have? Are you people made of space and money?

Indeed! This has been going on for nearly 40 years. Welcome to today.

Comment Re:Movie theaters, too. (Score 1) 242

Sooooo agree with your hatred of this practice. They really need to kill those commercials at the movie theater. Going to the movies is supposed to be a different experience than being at home. Not to mention we sure pay enough for tickets nowadays that adding in commercials is a bit of an insult. Mentioning the prices of refreshments is endlessly infamous, so I won't even go there. ;-)

Comment Amber: Journeys Beyond (Score 2) 106

One that few will likely remember is Amber: Journeys Beyond. Loved that one. It was a Myst-like point-and-click adventure with a ghost/horror theme. That one came out back in the Windows 95 days and won't even run on Windows 98, if I remember correctly! It had something to do with the media player native to Windows 95. I fought to get that game working in the XP years and ultimately had to install Windows 95 using VMWare to get it to play. Ugh! This game definitely needs some conversion treatment. It has been long enough, that I have forgotten enough to enjoy it again, I'm sure. :-)

Submission + - Happy 11th birthday, Mozilla Firefox! (

An anonymous reader writes: Eleven years ago, Firefox 1.0 was released with much excitement and anticipation. With the help of volunteers, The Mozilla Foundation placed a two-page advertisement in the New York Times. Over the last 11 years, Firefox has been been used by millions of people worldwide, becoming one of the most popular web browsers available to surf the Internet.

Submission + - Dungeons & Dragons and the ethics of imaginary violence (

An anonymous reader writes: Hi -

What's with all the intense violence in Dungeons & Dragons? Are people just naturally inclined to be destructive when there aren't any real consequences? Should we be worried about people who imagine such violence?
Writer Clem Bastow spoke to D&D experts, psychologists and others to answer these questions. It turns out that playing out violent fantasies in D&D not only is healthy but could even teach players how to be a better person.

Check it out:


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