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Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 21

These devices will work more like a heat pipe as mentioned by the parent. The water evaporates from the chip surface and then condenses on the heatsink surface. You get the benefit of the high heat transfer rate without the temperature increase as you rightly say but the water remains inside the unit in a closed loop. They are very clever devices.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 2) 21

You have missed the point of the device, even though you identified the problem it is solving:

Everything else is just a matter of the efficiency or difficulty of how you get the heat to that point..

It reduces the thermal resistance between the chip and the heat sink, so for a given installation and heat rejection rate the chip itself will be cooler.

...bigger things like cars, planes, etc. don't really have a problem... ...a large bit of aluminium somewhere, and probably a cheap fan blowing over it.

You do not add any weight to an aircraft that isn't absolutely necessary and you do not add any kind of active device where a passive one could work because of reliability. Keeping electronics cool in an aircraft is a very complex and expensive problem. Keeping a chip even two or three degrees cooler will have a measurable effect on the reliability over the aircraft life.

Comment Re:Difficulty? (Score 1) 908

You make a good point here about the beauty of maths.

When a friend of mine decided to take the Arbitur exam here in Germany (A kind of high school graduation level) as an adult I volunteered to help her with the maths and promised her I would show her the beauty of it and she would learn to love it.

I failed dismally because the maths she had to study was all the really dull stuff I had forgotten about: solving triangles, calculating probabilities, quadratic equations... I realised that maths only really becomes beautiful when you get to calculus; before this it's just drudgery.

Comment Re:hyperloop without the hyper or loop (Score 1) 218

security (the potential for terrorist damage is much smaller considering you can't fly one arbitrarily into a building)

I think you have this the wrong way around. The only drawback I can see with Elon's Hyperloop is it's susceptibility to terrorism; you need to keep airport-level vigilance over its entire track length, that's a lot of razor wire, dogs and operatives.

Comment Re:Intel's trolling us (Score 4, Interesting) 337

MS are playing a very long game because they can afford to. Despite it's well-publicized problems, I find Windows 10 is fast and rock-solid on a desktop and on a Lumia phone. They already have Windows compiled for ARM and they have Office desktop apps compiled for ARM. OK it's a kludged version on the RT platform, but most of the work is done. They are making it easy and attractive (at least in a 'hell, why not?' sense) for new app development to compile for both x86 and ARM. I think one of the reasons why Windows 10 Mobile ('Phone') still exists is because it keeps the ARM branch current and that has sufficient value for MS that they don't even care if the phones never sell.

Comment Re:Cup holders (Score 1) 213

It was more likely a European thing. When we started exporting cars to you, we had no idea that your coffee was so bad that you would chug it down whilst driving rather than enjoying it properly in a street café with a beautiful $PARTNER.

Sadly, you started exporting the same coffee back to us and now they put cup holders in our cars too. :-D

Comment Re:Windows Phone Keyboard (Score 1) 118

This. It took nearly to the end of the page to find someone who actually uses a Windows Phone, for which the swipe keyboard is one of the best features. It seem pretty obvious to me that for chump change MS have bought a nice bit of IP that will help them improve their keyboard more cheaply than they could develop it themselves.

Comment Re:I had a Windows phone (Score 1) 456

The Home screen is more useful than just for pinning the app tiles. You can pin a webpage, a contact, a document, or a place or pretty much any argument take by an app. For example I have my office location in maps pinned so I just tap it to find the current best public transport link to get there from wherever I am at the time. It works very well.

Comment Re:Didn't it sort of get bogged down? (Score 1) 77

By far the most impressive robot from the series was Razor, one of the original wedge designs but rather than a flipper, was fitted with a 'beak' that could penetrate pretty much anything, albeit slowly.

Most notably it killed the house robot 'Matilda.

'It also used a self-righting mechanism that served a secondary purpose of enabling it to take a bow at the end of the battle. Very cool.

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