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Comment Re:Dive Into FreeBSD (Score 1) 267

Yeah, I can explain that.

The current setup replaces the repo each time - and if a package fails to build, all the dependent packages can go away.

I've had chrome disappear from my freebsd-head install (which i manage with pkg from the test repositories, so as to dogfood our own stuff) and it's generally been because it's been marked as having a security problem and the port wasn't built.

Comment Re:Thank you! (Score 1) 125

No, the problem is that we don't have as many active wifi developers as other projects, but the desire/need is still there.

I now have a couple of people helping me chase down intel driver bugs and implement / port the 7260 driver from Linux/OpenBSD.

-adrian, typing this on a freebsd laptop with a centrino wifi adaptor working just fine.

Comment Re:Performance issues? (Score 1) 170

Not entirely - it's an easier problem to solve when you're parking a car that takes up a single spot. Now, imagine you have a trailer count that is between 0 and 1024 parking spots wide, and breaking your trailer up into pieces (and then reassembling it!) is feasible but it takes time to do that.

That's why it's not that simple.

Comment Re:SDN (Score 1) 248

There was and likely is some hardware that does it.

It's also easily DoSed.

We found this out in the 90s and early 2000's where people would .. well, try doing internet routing with Sup-1's.

Comment Re:It's not arrogance if... (Score 1) 262

Profit or no profit, if he wanted to continue living in New York but needed to move, he can't move sideways. Not even slightly down. He'd be moving a _lot_ down.

It's a house. It's not necessarily being rented out. It's a place he can actually live. Profit shouldn't be the overriding thing here. The OP seemed to indicate he was living there, not renting it out. Where's he going to move to and find work?

Comment Re:It's not arrogance if... (Score 3, Insightful) 262


I don't think you understand what he said entirely.

He said that he can't actually sell his place without incurring a very large tax penalty that would come out of his pocket and affect his ability to buy another property. In short, he's stuck at the level he is without being able to move up or sideways. He's being forced to move /down/ in the property market. He didn't mention how much he earned and it's mostly irrelevant here - the money he'd lose in the gains tax would result in nowhere near enough money to buy another place in that area.

So yes, it's a shitty situation - it's /making/ property speculation and renting the fiscally responsible thing to do. That's just plain stupid.

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