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Comment No, you cannot (Score 1) 168

Think about mesh networking. How far is your wireless range? Let's say 1km with good antenna. And how big is the latency? Let's say 10 ms. How many hops does your packet need to get to the target? How much latency is acceptable?
You won't get a usable network without cables.

And getting 1% of frequency spectrum ... globally? Do you think all countries use the same allocations?

Comment Re:Depends on how much (Score 1) 405

And possibly on what. When you write a script to automate a task and put it on github, you may have saved a lot of work with the script for yourself and just shared it instead of keeping it only at your workstation. On the other hand, maybe the employer would want to sell it ... as you're actually created it for them.

Comment Re:This will have some big negative concequences (Score 1) 174

They aren't that dumb ... who writes a crawler puts in some protections against too big websites or sites autogenerating content with dynamic urls. So for example they put non-popular github links on the end of a queue to check them after everything else was processed. So they may slowly add unimportant github content, but won't crawls terabytes of data just now, but only some megabytes every now and then. Their bandwidth and storage capacity is limited as well.

Comment Re:Here is my clever idea... (Score 1) 174

> 2) People will be more wary to publish anything on the web. Also known as self-censorship.
Actually you NEED to be wary. If you publish something, it is there, it will be copied, screenshotted, archived ... not only by bots. Have a look at twitter. When a celebrity twitters something dumb, there are 5 people posting screenshots before they have the chance to delete the tweet.
You should not censor yourself. But maybe you choose the use your anonymity online. Even a anonymity which isn't anonymous against your hoster is anonymous against archives. You do not need to put your name next to everything (dumb) you say online. An interesting opinion is worth a read independend of the writer.

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