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Comment Woosh (Score 1) 93

Do you really think something like Siri needs an AI to work?
It needs some clever prerecorded questions and answers and some fuzzy matching for the questions. And then it works better than an AI, as its clear what features siri can provide and what it cannot. So Some program optimized works out of the box, while some AI optimizing itself needs a long time to reach 90% of this. Of course, the AI can work and its hyped now, but most products do not need an AI.

Comment Except it isn't ... (Score 1) 254

Because stream ripping is perfectly legal in analogy to recording radio to tape.

The only (and big) BUT is, that you need to have live access to the stream while ripping it. Downloading rips while the stream is down is not legal.
You probably can argue that some websites like youtube-downloader may be illegal as you're not directly ripping the stream, but I guess a court will rule what's the process and result, not the technical details.
And you can use the youtube-dl tool to rip yourself instead of using websites. It includes the youtube-music-grabber tool, which allows you to ripping the audio part of a video.

Comment Like windows (Score 1) 110

People don't like their OS to make network connections without a good reason. When I install a system, i expect it to make NO traffic at all, when I am not doing anything with it.
We can talk about stuff like NTP and update checks, IF I explicitely enabled it possibly automatic updates. But no fetching of random messages. What's next? Fetching new wallpapers? Sending telemetry data?

Comment Re:Why I decided never to implement AMP (Score 1) 145

The thing is: AMP should make it the standard.

A subset of html, a subset of javascript. Possibly some instruction counting (like "total js is no bigger than 4k" but not on filesize (which would just get more minimization) but on instructions and complexity).

You can open you menu with javascript, if you really don't know how to do it otherwise. But you cannot load a external script, which loads an external script, which loads an tag, which loads an ad ...

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