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Comment Re:alternatives? (Score 1) 104

Yes. Google has been blocked on chinese great firewall for quite a long time. That's why their android phones have special China only models. Normal android phones are utterly crippled in China.

Comment Re:Please stop this madness (Score 1) 315

UI designers. Unification of UI is a long term goal for companies that want to people to find that their product on mobile and desktop looks and feels the same. That reduces the learning curve for novice users.

We can see a lot of this in both Chrome and FF, which since mobile revolution simply removed most options that used to take vertical space, because on mobile, screen space is on massive premium, unlike on a desktop.

Lowest common denominator drives this development.

Comment Re:I Thought Firefox was Open NOT Just Open Source (Score 1) 315

Considering the changes usage numbers over years, people that go to Chrome are unlikely to come back. Even to shill.

Few if any people like to torture a dying, suffering horse that served them well in the past when they're riding a new healthy one just for the giggles.

Comment Re:Trust comes on foot but leaves on horseback (Score 2) 227

Pale Moon has its extinction event earlier. Already killed jetpack add-ons, for no reason other than "well other people should just remake their add-ons for us".

It went from solid alternative to firefox to firefox-lite with serious problems due to ridiculous engine change with all the same "developers full of themselves telling everyone else to change to fit their idea on how browser should work"-problem.

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