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Comment Re:Younger Sperm Donors (Score 1) 209

Considering that most of the world lives by the same principles as before, and state of some Western countries in this regard is a massive outlier, I'll readily take that bet provided we agree on large enough statistical sampling. My own opinion/analysis is that current state is actually a reaction to female employment. This is on the rise world wide as people realised that it's actually very economically efficient to push women into employment. It drives the costs of employment down for men, as women compete with them. This does however accrue what is essentially a social debt within society, which generates destructive impulses among both sexes. We're observing the effects in most feminist of Western societies already, where social costs (which are essentially interest on aforementioned social debt) are starting to eclipse economic benefits.

My point goes well beyond the current "toxic feminism" debate, and well into how our species is actually designed by evolutionary process to work. Again, there's a reason why both me and you have twice as many female ancestors as we have male ones.

Comment Re:Younger Sperm Donors (Score 1) 209

Again, studies do not support this view, and support the opposite view.

The likely reason lies in the fact that we cannot deny our own biology. Males in our species exist to provide for females, while females function as selectors from pool of available males for who gets to procreate. That's why all of us humans living today have twice as many female ancestors as male ones.

Comment Re: Obvious solution: (Score 0) 120

Overwhelming majority of people in those workplaces are staunchly anti-gun and anti-second amendment. I follow a few gun channels on youtube, and seen grassroot level interviews with people who used to work in those companies talking about the issue. For example, apparently there is a small pro-gun group in google, but it's constantly under pressure.

Comment Re:TFA slightly overblown (Score 2, Informative) 82

Pretty much this. The hysteria has been laughable. This hits the organisations with large intranets where some idiot gets infected, and functions as an initial infection source, while intranet that actually has SMB enabled to mount network disks and printers is an excellent vector. Home users overwhelmingly sitting behind their router NATs and firewalls have no exposed SMB port access for worm to propagate over.

Comment Re:Windows 10 is loaded with spyware (Score 1) 121

Games run better on 7 across the board. "I have this problem, I run windows 10" is one of the most common complaints on steam, and patches are commonly openly stating that "fixed these problems on windows 10". Same games have a habit of running perfectly fine on 7 with no manifestation of win10-specific issues.

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