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Comment Re:game compat? (Score 1) 131

It's been dramatically improving.

Some of the earlier tests I read had a small percentage even running.

This one with pretty consistently withing 10% and most things running, commercial even, is good.

I think it's a pretty reasonable time to switch with a true X session as an option, but no longer the default.

Comment Re:wrong (Score 1) 527

I don't think so, but maybe.

It had the rattling for ages, and then started getting flaky based on position.

When I opened it up everything was solved. I had looked for loose parts before but failed to find any.

Comment Re:wrong (Score 5, Interesting) 527

I actually had a computer that would exhibit odd behavior, somewhat based on positioning.

I opened it up to change some RAM out of hopes it would be an inexpensive fix.

Ended up that is was a screw rolling around shorting stuff out (I found the loose screw), bigger than dust, but seems possible based on the symptoms described (your joke is what made me thing of it).

I'd say more likely a metal shaving that's a little bigger than dust.

Comment Re: But we just passed a law to fix this.... (Score -1, Offtopic) 412

Of course you're taking Dodge City numbers OVER A TEN YEAR PERIOD and comparing them to annual rates in Chicago.

From the link:
For instance, the adult residents of Dodge City faced a homicide rate of at least 165 per 100,000 adults per year, not sure where you get the the impression I used ten year data.

And, pertinent to the conversation, you're not distinguishing between people beaten to death while drunk or stabbed to death, etc. as opposed to those killed using openly carried firearms.

You're right, I used murder rates as a proxy for violence as it seemed to be the gist of the thread.

Didn't you're post encourage to cherry pick " Modern day Chicago is WILDLY more violent than anyplace in the frontier west.", I did a very quick search and found an article that listed multiple cities well over the rate of Chicago, not only does it appear that Chicago is not "WILDLY more violent", but actually the opposite is true.

Unless of course I take your premise that "OVER A TEN YEAR PERIOD" will not lower the numbers for a city. I could in fact use stats for the last ten years of Chicago instead of just one, and get a more dramatic difference if you think that'd help make your point.

Comment Re: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?! (Score 1) 203

I think consumers reap savings in generic goods.

Things like Shipping, groceries, etc.

The most obvious example of this is tech, as manufacturing got cheaper (both from tech and worker abuse) prices did indeed drop for generic tech.

A company like Walmart or Amazon with very low margin is definitely passing on savings (I'm not making a moral judgement that either of these are good companies or it's the greater good, simply that they seem to aggressivenely cut costs, and do seem to pass that on to the consumer).

Comment Re:OpenStreetMap (Score 1) 61

1) they see the difference from their baseline map and exert extra processing power to that part of the image to better recognize the policemen and his gestures (which are usually opaque to me, so good luck to the autonomous car).

2) They move over for any stopped car on the side of the road, that one should be pretty easy.

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