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Comment Re: No. (Score 1) 1049

Photo-voltaic roof handles some of the cases of can't install a charger, but not all.

I'm very skeptical of 5 minute charge anytime soon.

I'm not electric car skeptical though, I think most of the arguments against are over pessimistic, but I think arguments for are very suburban middle and upper middle class focused.

A LOT of people cannot install chargers at home, which makes electric far less convenient than petrol, even if today's best charging tech was deployed at every petrol station in the country.

Electric cars need 3x the range of petrol cars, or charging speeds need to triple before they can replace petrol cars for condo living, apartment living, or street parking people, and that's assuming instant infrastructure build out.

It won't be until that infrastructure exists for a few years (and the skeptics start to get on board) that petrol cars will fall under 50% new car sales is my prediction, and considering it doesn't exist yet, 8 years seems crazy.

I think only range and price will be addressed by 8 years from now (mid $20ks, unsubsidized 300 mile range), there's still how to make them useful to the huge percentage of the population that doesn't own where they park.

Comment Re: Hiring practices... (Score 1) 444

No, a lot more than that.

For mushrooms for example, 3 grams is a pretty serious trip, 2 may be a normal dose.

But even 0.75 is a very notable effect, energy, some warm feelings, still recreational.

A micro dose would be about a third of that, no directly noticeable effects, but hardly homeopathic low amounts.

I'm not weighing in on if it's any more than placebo, but I'd think 1/3 of obvious effects KS definitely doing something. It'd be the equivalent of a beer (if three is where you feel a buzz, but not drunk.

Comment Re: No. (Score 1) 1049

I think the article is saying for sale, I'm still sceptical though.

They're not a good fit for a lot of people.

I'd be shocked if 50% of the population lives in a place where an overnight charged is even possible to install (for the car owner).

That means long charging in a network of charging stations I don't see being dense enough by then.

Long as in 4x the time it takes to fill a tank.

Comment Re:Right... (Score 3) 64

So, if I say I make 50,000k (basically average) one penny is 1 5 millionth of my income.

netflix makes 10 billion. divide by 5 million I get $2,000 being a penny to them.

This is actually closer to 2 million for a network show (5 seasons * 20 episodes/season * 20k/episode).

It's more like paying $10 for those napkins (or I'm orders of magnitude off).

Comment Re:Ha (Score 1) 389

I think there is some truth to the idea tha fields that have this far been resistant to automation are part of the problem.

Medical and education being examples. In theory, worker pay should go up more than inflation, in most fields, this is done by splitting the productivity gain of automation between workers and owners.

In fields where productivity does not increase, to keep pace with pay (essentially to be at the same percentile of income) the cost needs to basically go up at the exact t same pace of wages, not productivity. This makes those services relatively more expensive.

If education or medicine could get away with half the people (especially education, where salary is a huge percentage of the overall cost), it would almost certainly lead to lower prices. Education has in fact gone up in price overall with pay for people with graduate degrees.

Comment Re:Rewarding bad behavior (Score 1) 222

I'm sure a simple flag could be used to never delete old copies too.

It would open up a DoS by writing nonsense over and over, but it would protect fully from ransomware.

Some filesystems allow other drives to hold the snapshots too I think, you could essentially have unlimited space if you kept rotating in new external drives. For a home system, that would essentially be free.

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