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Comment Re:Well, i guess so... (Score 2, Insightful) 409

I think we need to see the actual 'note' for evidence. After all the drama surrounding the issue we have a very very high chance of this all being a stunt.

Gamers as a whole are unlikely to approach someone's home and leave a PHYSICAL note. Most gamers have enough concept and paranoia of the real world law (just see what happens if one of their buddies mentions they got a 'cease and desist' type notice for pirating a game or movie) that they generally do not like doing things that might bring the real world authorities into play.

Not to mention also a threatening note is easily a candidate for investigation/arrest material even simple fingerprinting is possible to apprehend a suspect for threats.

If it was a gamer doing this we would be more likely to see something about a threatening email or website, NOT a physical letter under his door.
Considering a large majority of /. are gamers, would you write a threatening letter to someone in a position of power and leave it at their door?

The other fishy thing here is no vandalism, if someone was UPSET or bothered enough to actually travel to his home and leave a threatening letter then I don't see why vandalism was not an issue here. Someone young enough to do something as silly/stupid as leaving the note would certainly not be smart enough to avoid the temptation of vandalism at the same time.

Comment Re:As a parent, I would like to make a suggestion. (Score 1) 166

Exactly. The "for the children" arguement is overused as a whole. It will only stop people who don't truly WANT to get around it.

Especially with technology progressing as it does people WILL find ways around the filter as they develop more skills. Look at what happened in Iran with the elections. They tried to shut everyone out and BAM new technology and skills went right around it. The resources, time, etc are all wasted on things like this when they could be used to better educate people on what is out there, and encourage children AND adults to know what to avoid and the consequences of actions, instead of simply putting a wall up and hoping noone finds a way to climb over.

Comment Re:But the problem is (Score 3, Insightful) 166

Thats what always confuses the heck out of me. It was "be careful, don't talk to strangers. Don't take anything from strangers, look both ways before crossing the street, be home by dinner, and clean your room." were the rules of the land. During the school year it might include "Do your homework." And at times for some "Stop teasing your brother/sister!" normally yelled. Now its not so much a "go out and learn the world, but be careful!" sort of thing but "Don't do anything we don't specifically say you can do!" which is likely hurting children FAR more then helping them.

Comment Re:As a parent, I would like to make a suggestion. (Score 2, Insightful) 166

See, but now you're saying that because of the 2 you don't have ANY time. Is that true? The OP did NOT say anything about how much time would need devoted, simply mentioned that some time. Yes you have two children with additional needs but it sounds almost like you are trying to make an excuse for why the other two might not have proper parenting. Would such work if say one of those children injured themselves in the home and if questioned you said "I'm sorry but I was taking care of the other two children, I did not have time to make sure that one was safe." Parenting is one thing, being on the child's back constantly is a wholly different thing. For the more harsh argument, if you have issues managing the two children with disabilities then why do you have 4 children? (i'm not sure on the order of birth/twins/triplets/quadruplets in the situation)

Comment Hah! (Score 2, Insightful) 235

HAH! I love how China acts like they are innocent and all. "China's laws forbid hacking attacks and violations of citizens' privacy, the statement said, apparently referring to the issues raised by Google."" Riiiight. I'm also the Queen of England! China would NEVER hack anyone. The Chinese government is one of the biggest fattest LIARS ever. They constantly say one thing while time and time again they prove that they don't care about anyone's benefit but their own. Whether it is manipulating trade markets and currancy, hacking, controlling the people of the country, human rights issues, etc. Yet whenever confronted they are all "You can't tell us what to do" or "we don't do that!" or "We will change things." but what changes? Exactly nothing. They might sweep it under the rug or shift things around but nearly every time the SAME issue comes right back up. The world needs to basically tell China to stuff it and come back when they learn their lesson. Stop manufacturing stuff in China, stop buying Chinese goods, the whole nine yards. Put the squeeze on them till they show their hand.

Comment Re:I still don't see... (Score 1) 165

Don't forget because Piracy accounts for *shakes magic eight ball..and then uses another more special eight ball* fifty hojillion in lost profits. Don't forget also that its Obama that is causing it I'm sure. For the other people in the crowd, Bush caused it too! Hmm other tried and true conspiracy reasoning...umm Major League Baseball and their steroids and gay marriage caused the LHC to not create a black hole but cause the copyrights to turn into mutants? I dunno. Figured I'd toss in a few various things for the crowd to latch onto to gnash their teeth over!

Comment Re:I still don't see... (Score 1) 165

Because then PEOPLE might actually raise their voice and try to protect/damage the ability of the groups to get this signed sealed and delivered so they can begin the great POP Campaign as I call it (with less vulgar wording) POP Campaign=Poop On the People Campaign. Which seems what the MPAA and RIAA like to do. Welcome to the future, where rather then try to try to encourage people to buy your products because they are good you MAKE people buy your products because you're the only game in town and they will enjoy it or you get money from them otherwise.

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