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Comment Re: Oh yeah? Then what are you gonna do about it? (Score 1) 410

No, I specifically said federal income tax. Correct, Idaho can't do that, and neither can Ireland do what they did. A "higher" authority (U.S. Gov / EU) then steps in to correct the situation. There's nothing retroactive about this. Apple simply isn't following the law, incorrectly thinking that Ireland/Idaho has the authority to give them a discount. But, they can still be held accountable despite being ignorant of the law. Anyway, that's the EU side and obviously the courts will make the final decision whether Ireland can do what they did (my take is no).

Comment Re:Oh yeah? Then what are you gonna do about it? (Score 1) 410

....and also focused on the insult at the beginning. The claim from the EU is that Ireland illegally gave Apple a tax break, which itself does not absolve Apple. A better analogy to the U.S. would be like the state of Idaho trying to reduce your federal income tax rate to attract more businesses. They can't do that. And, a business that buys into that sales pitch is not absolved from paying the proper amount of federal income tax.

Comment Re:iOS (Score 1) 599

I game, such as it is, on my iPad. I really only use my PC for Civilization V (waiting on VI) and some of the heavier image and video processing. But, yeah, I'm not so much into the FPS games anymore, though I used to be. I must be getting old. Somewhat in my defense, my 9yo son uses my PC a lot. I haven't bought him his own yet because honestly, it's working ok for us and don't need to spend the money on it.

Comment Two Parts (Score 2) 293

There are two distinct parts to this topic:

  1. Is Facebook inappropriately censoring our videos?
  2. Is Facebook simply trying to cover their ass for a lawsuit?

Note that FB has usage rights and they could censor stuff, and they do. They block terrorist propaganda, for example. The question here is should it be an all or nothing, or as-decided-by-FB? Regarding the lawsuits, note that in the U.S. there are number of protections on media reporting of minors (as an example). If FB allows such reporting unfiltered, can they be held accountable? I would hope not, but it depends on what the court would agree.

Comment Re:Malware trick (Score 1) 376

You are simply being ignorant. You have no idea what you're talking about. You clearly haven't even looked at the popup in question nor do you understand what is happening. The upgrade was forcefully scheduled by Microsoft (this is the issue, in case you can't figure it out). You have to read the fine print in the center and click a link ("Click here") to go do a bunch of more work to cancel something I never fucking scheduled in the first place. By all means, start clicking all the "click here" messages you see. Keep defending this practice, you shill.

Comment Re:Sure it's libertarian (Score 1) 307

"Within the law" should include civil penalties and not just criminal. So, I dismiss your counter-strawman. :-) A well-written law is a red-herring. You may say that Libertarians are well-meaning and that they do not skirt laws or use them to their advantage, but that's not true. Nothing about being libertarian means that they're righteous. If they can screw others over within the law (criminal or civil), then they will because it's up to each individual to protect themselves and their families.

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