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Comment Re:Good! (Score 0) 340

Really? cause the last time I tried that, it didn't.....so maybe it's working now but not all the time or it depends on something you've installed or configured that I haven't ?

Remote X was a bullshit and almost nobody uses it, VNC, RDP, NX all replaced it as being better substitutes because it sidestepped it all....

Comment Re:Good! (Score 1) 340

I think it's very telling that linux seems to be destroying the market competition, now that it's being used through android and the linux system supports it

so yes....I would have to say that the x system is primarily responsible for the demise of the linux desktop, or at least, the demise of your idiotic mentality

now that android sidestepped all your bullshit, it's practically eating the competition....microsoft has fallen, nokia has fallen, numerically speaking apple has too, but has so much money they can ride it out maybe.

All of that happened when somebody said "hey guys, you know what, linux is great, but fuck all this bullshit and do it better"

Comment Re:Good! (Score 0) 340

fact is, we all think you're a dick cause you're holding up progress so you can keep necrophilically masturbating over the x protocol that everybody knows is dead already

if you want to help the desktop, push forward, don't us all drag back so you couple of hundred/thousand maybe people can stop the desktop from evolving and remain in your comfort zone, help to make wayland network transparent if you can, if it cannot do it, try to suggest ways it can be done.

but don't under any circumstances think we're going backwards, fuck you guys, keep your x, we'll happily live without it, even if you can't.

Comment Re:Good! (Score 0) 340

errr, to be honest, looking at the x protocol and other related linux desktop stuff coming from them, I wouldn't agree that they are very skilled at all, I'd say that they are hacks and deserve to be called so.

a skilled programmer would have realised the bullshit it was a decade ago and dropped it like a hot coal in favour or something else, no skilled programmer I know, or would want to call skilled, would continue to pound it with a hammer like those hacks have done for so long....

Comment Re:stop developing x and support wayland instead (Score -1, Flamebait) 340

login to your real account and put your name on that statement coward...

x11 is dead, period, only fools and idiots suggest otherwise, it's a hack upon hack, dirty, high latency piece of bullshit that no skilled programmer would have continued to work on.

it should have been buried years ago and instead, here we all are, watching it decay in front of us whilst android based systems start to appear and do something linux never did and do it in almost no time at all.....all because they said "fuck this shit" and did something better

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