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Comment Re:Just about every small computer shop (Score 0) 69

my brother worked for did it to him at least once. He's clever (not enough to avoid fucking his life up so hard he worked at a series of small computer shops, but I digress), so he caught it every time,

So, being a crappy, worthless employee, he could only get crappy jobs at crappy places working for crappy bosses.

Go figure.

Comment Pretty predictable (Score 1) 417

Any time an industry in California can reasonably be described as "thriving," the legislature will tax (and regulate) the shit out of it for the specific purpose of driving it out of the state. The rich people who own the legislature already have theirs, and they will insure a steady supply of (wage) slave labor to be their servants. A thriving industry threatens that supply.

Comment What's good for the goose (Score 1) 155

is not always good for the gander.

Sure, Millennials love to be able to ignore the world by sticking their nose in their phone, to the exclusion of all else (including oncoming traffic), but what manager in their right mind would ever interview someone by text, or hire someone without meeting them face to face?

A conversation that takes two minutes face to face will take days by text, because you can only reliable get most people to answer a single question per exchange, and half the time, it won't be any of the questions asked. That's normal in text and email. Do that in person, and the interviewer will begin to question your mental health. Do that on the job, and you won't be on the job for long. Identifying people who are incapable of doing the job is the whole point of the interview.

If a company is so desperate to hire employees they have to put up with this kind of childish nonsense, they have far bigger problems than interview processes.

Comment Re:People like Musk need to do more homework (Score 1) 171

What he really needs to do is find out how impossible it is to dig under other people's property in a heavily populated city like Los Angeles. Building an above ground highway in LA is a billion dollars a mile, or more, plus decades of lawsuits. That's with government backed eminent domain to seize property.

Now translate that underground, where you have power lines, sewer lines, water lines, traffic light control lines, all manner of existing tunnels, all belonging to other people, going down dozens, if not hundreds of feet, that all have to be avoided or moved.

LA has subways, and has spent tens or hundreds of billions on them. And they go from nowhere that people are to nowhere people want to go. Hell, the fare card system for LA Metro cost $150 million, and doesn't work worth a damn.

Musk won't live long enough to see the first lawsuit go to trial, nor will anyone else alive today. Either he's making yet another bid for government handouts (like all his other companies profit from) or he's spent his billions on the best drugs in the world.

Comment Re:Huh? What? (Score 0) 223

What is remarkable about this study is that apparently every single artificial sweetener has exactly the same association with stroke and dementia.

This is truly groundbreaking, because different artificial sweeteners have wildly different compositions.

That that suggests is that only demented people drink sodas with artificial sweetener.

This is not all that outrageous a thought.

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