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Comment Re:And nobody has asked (Score 1) 184

So you think that they print counterfeit money in a bank and when it fails they cut up the bad batch and flush it down the toilet at the bank?

Criminals have done far, far stupider things. Often. Like writing a bank robbery note on the robber's own deposit slip, or filling out an employment application at a fast food joint, then robbing the place on the way out.

More likely it is a modern art installation...

That, too, is disturbingly plausible.

Or maybe the banks are implementing the new European idea of phasing out 500Euro bills, I just don't know why Switzerland would do this and why any particular bank would do it this way, but at least that makes some sense.

I seriously doubt Switzerland gives a shit about denominations of Euro notes, since they don't use Euros. And if they bank is disposing of currency, they'll be doing it through a well documented official process.

Comment Re:You're not wrong. You're also not correct. (Score 1) 144

Since Google is one of the wealthiest companies in the world, and are not, as OP noted, meeting most people's demands, I'd say OP's point is incorrect. And so are you.

They have to attract eyeballs, but they don't have to do so by providing precisely what everyone wants. Or even do so honestly. They just have to attract eyeballs.

Comment Re:Nope. The developers don't care. (Score 2) 144

The product is not meeting customer demand (after all, Kay is a customer, and his demands aren't being met).

No. He's not the customer. Google is an advertising company. Their product is eyeballs, not search results. over 90% of their revenue comes from advertising.

"If you're not paying for the service, you are not the customer, you are the product."

Comment Re:Google, please get on board with this!!! (Score 4, Insightful) 442

They are, indeed, more than just an ad company. But over 90% of the total revenue comes from advertising.

They odds of Google "getting on board" with this are less than zero. They may well hire ninja assassins to take out the Apple execs behind this.

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