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Comment Re:The irony... (Score 5, Informative) 676

Supposedly the documents show that the actual deathtoll for the Iraq War is over 105,000. Nearly 70,000 of these casualties were civilians. The documents reportedly also tell about incidents of torture by coalition forces, and of civilians being killed at checkpoints (for speeding to get their wife to the hospital). There is an incident described where a single terrorist on the roof of a building caused the military to obliterate the entire building and everyone in it (civilians). It also reports 15,000 bodies being buried without being identified.

Source: WikiLeaks & ABC News (Al Jazeera claims to have found far more embarrassing records but I went with ABC for obvious reasons.)

Comment Re:This just in... (Score 1) 196

Wrong. Facebook makes money by providing users with a place to post information about themselves publicly. The point of using Facebook is to provide information to the public, and accept or deny communication with third parties accordingly. Nothing forces anyone to click an advertisement; the /. crowd is just extremely sensitive to issues that may have anything to do with Facebook privacy concerns.

Comment Re:soooo..... (Score 1) 196

No, you don't understand. Facebook has a policy saying they won't disclose personal info, like what age you are.

You're 100% right. Sexual orientation, however, is not private and is publicly displayed - there is nothing to "disclose," the user discloses it to the whole internet voluntarily.

Comment Re:cheaper mining? (Score 2, Insightful) 421

That's extremely pessimistic. A living module and a couple astronauts could, with a reliable power source (whether solar or nuclear), begin mining the gold. You saw the old moon landing videos, those guys got out and walked around decades before microprocessing was a dirty thought.

Spirit and Opportunity were $400,000,000, and they had no purpose besides observation. A project to begin mining gold on the moon? I'm 100% positive it is not only possible, but extremely plausible that if a substantial amount of accessible gold was located, Earthlings would begin moonmining. It would be a symbol of a nation's advancement and status to be mining wealth from the heavens.

Comment Re:elements (Score 2, Insightful) 421

I can't believe no one has comprehensively replied to this story yet. This is a huge deal -- a HUGE deal, and no one can deny that. Common knowledge has been, "well there's nothing on the moon, but perhaps on Mars or [celestial body]" and now we are hearing conclusively that both water and gold are present. This could be monumental, only time will tell.

Comment Re:The court order (Score 1) 449

Would the court's restrictions also bar him from writing a ciphered letter to a friend? If so, your point is moot -- the court is simply attempting to stop a criminal from encrypting what could be something related to a crime. If not, I disagree with the court's ruling on a liberty level but in application it might be called for.

Comment Re:Uh (Score 2, Insightful) 725

Let's be clear about this. America in all it's forms is an empire. They can dress it up and use the word 'democracy' all they want but in the end their plutocratic and hegemonic tendencies always shine through. ... America is one step away from becoming a fascist state.

...except for the little-known fact that every single legislator and President (who chooses the Supreme Court) is elected by the citizens -- with no exceptions. If you grabbed every single person who doesn't vote and convinced them to get off their ass and vote for inherently good candidates there would be no problems. Unless you believe that then some secret evil force would rise up, kill everyone who was elected, declare martial law, and end voting, at which point the people would no longer be responsible for the government's problems.

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