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Comment Re:Evil. (Score 1) 390

They fought 5 years for it, so i doubt it.

Google fuck you! Tbh all search is pretty equal, i only stick with google because i thought they were generally a pretty good company, even if i can't get the clean results i like from google (because the fucks patented that too), i will most definitely be searching elsewhere!

Stanford University owns the PageRank patent.

Comment Re:Evil. (Score 1) 390

It is the other way around: You patent something so you can publish it, without fear of your competitors. Otherwise you could propose a really good idea, get it established and widely used, patent it and sue world+dog.

A patent is a grant of exclusive rights to an invention in exchange for publishing. You don't acquire a patent so that you can publish something; you publish it so that you can dictate who can't use an invention.

IANAAL in any sense, but it seems to me that the Google front page being so horribly public would count as prior art. Everything I can find indicates that ANY publication in ANY form can constitute prior art.

Comment Re:Protect your self with encryption (Score 1) 348

A dialog could appear on whenever a user tries to use a .desktop file for the first time that gives them an option to set the execute bit and some ominous text that briefly explains what it may meanâ"though the same set of people tend to click the Yes/Ok/InstallMyMalware button without reading.

I can scarcely imagine something more annoying. It's also totally unnecessary. A shortcut explicitly created by a user would be given execute. A downloaded shortcut would not have it. Like anything else in *nix.

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