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Comment 16 bits in 1979! (Score 2) 857

Proudly, my first was a TI-99/4A. And did I ever get every penny out of that thing, nursing it along until 1993 or so. Texas Instruments makes more chips (to this day?) than Frito-Lay. So of course their computer was something special. 16 bit TMS9900 CPU. Amazingly high quality parts and construction - literally cast aluminum around my 32k RAM expansion card. And they built-in owner loyalty by fostering and supporting users groups, even after they'd left the Home Computer market. TI knew how to sell to scientists and engineers; they clearly didn't know how to sell to the general public. And they kept the software model closed (any different from Apple today?). It was the very earliest days of the digital age; they failed in the market as much for social reasons as for design reasons. So, sadly, that machine becomes an evolutionary dead end. But what a machine. Look at TMS9900 Assembly Language.

Comment Full of Bullshit (Score 4, Insightful) 537

Yeah, that sounds good on paper, but obviously you've never attempted to apply any of those ideals to the real world.

Let's take for example, Education. By your accounting, that should be left up to the individual states, as that's not something that should be administered by the Federal Government.

In your worldview, every state can have different education standards, which would create chaos later in life -- when those students move to another state to attend college, some from, say Texas, might encounter problems when they suddenly find out that Jesus did not ride Dinosaurs and the Earth is round and not flat.

And the other problem is of course that in the real world, there's only ONE set of textbooks for all states regardless of education standards, because states cannot afford custom textbooks just for them.

So in the end, Texas sets the standards because they are the largest market -- meaning whatever the STATE legislature of Texas choses, that's what goes nationally.

So, we *all* wind up with Jesus rode Dinosaurs and the Earth is Flat textbooks. And Christianity is the only true religion. All others are going to bring you eternal damn-nation. If you find that one state can control what we think and teach our children throughout the nation, then essentially, all you're doing is moving Federal Power to a different State -- Texas.

Because that's how the REAL world works. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the rest of us have to live in this world, not your fantasy of it. And in that case, I'd rather that the federal government control this instead of the Texas state legislature -- which I didn't vote for.

Comment bloviated shit gibbon (Score 1, Troll) 537

SCROTUS is planning on spending 600 million dollars this year to play golf at Mar-A-Lago every weekend, while cutting Meals on Wheels (which also feeds veterans). He's ripping off the country for his lifestyle of playing golf and watching TV news (Fox, apparently).

More than 55 days in and so far has achieved nothing except piss off most of the country (approval rating at 37%). He has released documents that show that he and the GOP will cut everything (because Bannon has stated that he wishes to destroy the government).

  If he isn't a Russian stooge sent to destroy us as a nation, then we have honestly elected the worst example of a human being in all of history.

Comment America: A third world country with nukes... (Score -1, Flamebait) 374

We are 37th in healthcare, but hey we are number one in infant mortality and number one in handgun deaths.

For 30 years, the GOP has been fighting a war against "elitist intellectuals" and they have won, America is now one of the stupidest nations on Earth, and we are run entirely by greedy plutocrats who only care about who much they can steal from the rest of us.

Every child born in the USA is now born into debt, and will spend the rest of their lives laboring for their masters to pay off that debt.

Unless you are born to a 1% family of course in which case the world is your oyster. Heck, with a rudimentary education (5th grade level), you can even be elected president.

Don't worry what college will cost in the future. Our cities will be burnt to the ground by then, and people will be shooting each other in the streets for food. We have no economy, no healthcare, no care for the elderly, no education, but we have plenty of ammo. And lots and lots of anger regarding what we have lost.

It's easy to see where this is going to end up. I would be surprised if this nation lasts 20 more years. We are headed for a very bloody conflict. Why else would our president cut every single program including diplomacy but expand the military's budget?

Because the only way for a dictator to keep his power is to be in a constant state of war.

Comment Casa Blanca, Citizen Kane, Old Yeller (Score 1) 542

They haven't rebooted these yet.
But they will soon!

Hollywood ran out ideas long ago. Witness the shot for shot remake of Psycho almost TWO DECADES ago.

The Matrix borrowed heavily from "Ghost in the Shell", which ironically is coming to USA theaters next week(?) as a remake or reimagining of the already decent anime-movie from a zillion years ago.

Comment Cannot be created on Earth --DANGER (Score 1, Interesting) 129

Or anywhere else in the physical universe, unless some special laws apply. If you create a form of matter that is "stuck" in time, that matter will be locked in a spot in the physical universe.

The problem we will have is that the Earth is spinning, the Earth is going around the Sun, the solar system is swirling within the Milky Way, and the Galaxy exists in a universe that is expanding. Once you remove a physical object from relativity, all hell will break loose. From our perspective, that material will rocket off into space (or burrow right through the planet).

Essentially we will have left it behind, locked in the space-time it was created in.

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