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Comment FILM at 11! (Score 1) 564

Next up, Millennials will "discover" an amazing hack to reading the news -- buying a printed newspaper from a newspaper stand! More at 11!

FILM at 11! Used to be that, before videotape camcorders appeared in the early 1980s, the local news was filmed. The news anchors of the 6:PM news would say, "Major car crash at..., film at 11." It would take until 11:PM for the film to be developed, dried, and edited.

Comment Re:Not if, but when... (Score 2) 166

As someone who was stuck in the middle of the 'Silicon Alley' Dot-Com bubble in NYC, it certainly did seem like companies would appear overnight, flush with cash for a little while, throw outrageous parties, and then disappear as quickly as they came. And every company had a stupid name like Muffinhead, Razorfish, or Funny Garbage.

We had a company go out of business owing us $28,000 for work we did for them. The CEO was trying to give me chairs and computers in lieu of payment. Ridiculous.

Comment Never Underestimate Brute Force (Score 2) 114

Here's the thing about 'brute force' in computing. Computers can go through millions of computations and thousands of strategy scenarios in a second. As we are seeing today, a computer can simply brute force its way through encryption, simply by trying *everything* until you get the desired result, simply because the machines are so damn fast.
Brute Force can be an exceptionally powerful way of doing something, if it is tweaked to and pointed at a particular problem, in Kasperov's case, it was Chess.
Yes, the computer wasn't intelligent, but then again, neither are half the people I meet. Those people are simply brute forcing their way through life, without a single thought in their heads.....


Comment And by your logic... (Score 1) 91

Lots of people are in jail because we have laws against drugs. And yet, drug companies and doctors have drugs. But some drugs are just illegal because of regulation. We need to remove these excessive regulations regarding drugs, then we would not have to pay so much in taxes to imprison people. It started with Reagen and his war on drugs. It's all the right's fault. They are the reason we pay too much in taxes to support jails full of prisoners because we have too much regulation regarding drugs.

Comment You obviously do not work for a bank (Score 5, Insightful) 91

The banks make plenty of money. If you don't know how to make money being a bank, you're in the wrong business. It's like running a casino, and you're always the winner. There's a fee for everything and everything has a fee. Plus, I get to take your money and invest it in risky financial constructs, plus, I get to act as broker for every financial transaction that passes through me, which also allows me to charge more fees.

The true reason for this was pure greed, you're shilling for billionaires crying about regulations that prevent them from being trillionaires, mostly by stealing even more of your money.

Why don't you look up the CEOs salaries of say, the three largest banks in America, and tell me again how banks are not making any money? You do understand that banks make billions in profits quarterly. And that's despite paying the top dogs salaries and bonuses that the average person would never see after a lifetime of work.

But sure, go ahead a cry a river about how the ultra rich aren't ultra ultra rich because of a few regulations. I can only assume I'm addressing Jared Kusher or his dad. Or maybe his paid Russian shill.

Comment So long slashdot... (Score 1, Troll) 810

Too many right wing nut jobs here. This place is starting to sound like Fox News in the comment section.

If you people are supporting Trump, the dumbest idiot ever to get elected president, on a site for geeks and nerds (hey, he's good at the cyber!), then something here is seriously wrong.

So long, and thanks for all the fish. I'm sure that reference will go over the heads of the right wing nutjobs.

Comment EPA or DOE (Score 1) 188

Does this fall under the purvue of the EPA, which has had it's funding slashed, and is currently being run by a guy who is suing his own agency, or does this fall under the DOE, run by Rick Perry, who doesn't even know what his agency does, and once theatened to kill the agency entirely?

Well, with these rocket scientists at the helm, things are sure to get fixed up real quick, because our President only hires the best people -- the best!

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