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Comment to good to be true (Score 1) 138

Basically, the ad-sponsored revenue model suffer from implicit censorship through the pedestrian sensibilities of the major advertisers and this probably can't be fixed.

If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

In the modern eyeball economy, the coyote walks off the branch into space, but doesn't fall down. He just floats there on a hidden wire gathering eyeballs. Once enough eyeballs are harvested, coyote retires the hidden wires, and then all the sparrows sputter in disappointment that economic gravity was never truly suspended in the first place.

In an economy with a large cognitive surplus, the barrier of entry of explicit motivation (payment scheme) over intrinsic motivation (scratching your own creative itch) tends to be a daunting increment, open to the select few.

Ignore the levitating coyote. Thus it has ever been.

The underlying force here is how the average consumer votes with his or her wallet. Most people use an extremely narrow high-pass salience filter over emotional valence, with negatives weighted about five times higher than positives (the cognitive norm).

And then we all sit around and wonder why the pedestrian sensibilities of major advertisers has them acting en masse like unhappy rabbits.

People seem think they can funnel other people money with hardly any thought involved (I wants it, because I saw it on TV!) and not end up ultimately making their own beds to lie in.

Comment Re: Speed wasn't SR-71's problem. (Score 1) 290

Aperture synthesis works for optical wavelengths, too. The advantage of a smoothly translating satellite (versus multiple discrete cameras) is that you have a aperture that increases in size continuously with time (and you can get data from every point along the line, exposure time allowing).

The difficulties then remain that the observed angle of the target changes with image time, as well as the path through the atmosphere, the length of the path through the atmosphere, and the atmospheric makeup at the time of the image. It's not that bad of a problem, really.

I think that the AC was mixing up synthesis imaging and interferometry...

Comment Re: No need for it any more (Score 1) 290

I think what he's getting at is a distinction that matters under the Geneva Convention. If the plane were shot down, the crew would be wearing regular uniforms. The plane is marked. Thus, they are not spies but soldiers under the GC. It's not even over-flying the target country. Legally it's not spying, although in the common vernacular it's definitely spying.

Comment Re:BitCoin... Good at nothing! (Score 2) 174

The sad truth is very few people control almost the entire market.

I've been saying this for years now as a rebuttal to those who claim crypto or gold are better than the Fed. Under the Fed, the money supply is controlled by a board with some political influence via our elected officials. There are a lot of complaints about the Fed, some more justified than others. Under gold or crypto, the money supply is controlled by powerful speculators who have NO transparency, and no political influence via our elected officials--regular people have even LESS control over the economy, less influence via their opinion, etc. That's the exact opposite of what people say when they propose gold or crypto as alternatives.

Comment Mel Brooks as Aqua man (Score 1) 477

==This into that==

Funny this topic came up today. My first waking thought was a desire to insert this into that. Sleep is amazing. True story.

This = Mel Brooks voice-alike from Springtime for Hitler in Germany with the line "don't be stupid, be a smarty, come on join the Nazi party".

That = the first skinhead refrain in Aqua's Barbie Girl with the line "come on Barbie, let's go party". You'd need to find a slightly longer version of this refrain to make the splice, but that's far enough for me for now.

I had only ever listened to Barbie Girl once (about six months ago), but it was enough to trigger some form of pattern recognition while I slept after another Producers micro-binge yesterday.

Damn if I couldn't get Mel to rewrite (and dance) that entire Danish disaster.

Mel's got the moves, too: High anxiety

==Slightly off-topic addendum==

Mattel claimed that "Barbie Girl" violated their trademark and turned her into a sex object, referring to her as a "Blonde Bimbo".

In 2002, a Court of Appeals ruled the song was protected as a parody under the trademark doctrine of nominative use and the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

The judge, Alex Kozinski, also threw out the defamation lawsuit that Aqua's record company filed against Mattel, concluding his ruling: "The parties are advised to chill."

Not that lawsuits have anything to do with the sad state of lyrical insight these days.

Of course she's not a sex pot.

==Geek sex-pot dumpster dive==

What Would Sex-Pot Barbie Look Like in Real Life? by Meagan Tintari

Barbie, at 1/6 scale, would be 175.26 cm in height { 69 inches | 5'9" tall } and have the following measurements ...

91.44 cm bust | 36 inches
45.72 cm waist | 18 inches
83.82 cm hips | 33 inches
55.88 cm head circumference | 22 inches
22.86 cm neck circumference | 9 inches <= insert pencil here

A healthy 19 year old girl, 163.3 cm in height { 64.3 inches | 5'3-1/2" tall } and measurements below, come from and [the] Huffington Post ...

85.4 cm waist | 33.6 inches
35.8 cm upper arm length | 14.1 inches
36.7 cm upper leg length | 14.5 inches
50.8 cm head circumference | 20 inches
38.1 cm neck circumference | 15 inches

Ouch. And I do mean penetrating pencil neck pain. WTF, Meagan?

Arithmetic is hard: The given precision ranges from two to five significant digits (for equivalent values).
Presentation is hard: the tables aren't row equivalent (a healthy girl has different measurements), and aren't column parallel either (that might make it easy to read).
Geometry is hard: "Barbie, at 1/6 scale, ..." should probably be "Barbie, assuming a 1/6 scale, ..."
Sentences are hard: A healthy 19 year old girl [] come from ...
Punctuation is hard: A healthy 19-year-old girl [] come from ...

And—geek drum roll—the two ellipses in the quotation above (standing in for colons after "measurement" and "Post") is from the original.

==Final irony==

As a final irony, the UK measurements in the original were actually rendered using U+2033 : DOUBLE PRIME for the inch symbol, but I had to ditch that small sequin of geek enlightenment to format for Slashdot.

Comment Re:Great! (Score 2) 170

They're not even right. The most likely reason someone hovers over a tab is because they're waiting for the yellow pop-up to show the full title of the tab so we know whether this is the right one or not. What's the odds that it'll now take even longer to see the full title of the tab.

Comment Re:Uforgiveable (Score 1) 232

Another aspect of this is that it is apparently just as easy to accidentally select the test option instead of the actual alert option. If a shift change is enough to mix these up, in an actual emergency an operator could easily end up thinking he sent an alert out when he really just triggered a test.

Comment Re:Same thing for spam (Score 1) 69

Philosophically, I'm not entirely convinced that life imprisonment is less cruel than execution, assuming that a person is accurately determined to be a permanent and irreparable menace to others.

Practically, even the best judicial systems aren't infallible and will certainly execute or permanently imprison innocent people. At least those with life in prison have the opportunity to fix a mistaken conviction.

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