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It's Not the 15th Birthday of Linux 261

Glyn Moody writes "There's been a spate of celebrations of Linux's 15th birthday recently. What they're really marking is the 15th anniversary of version 1.0. But do version numbers matter for free software? The 'release early, release often' approach means there's generally little difference between version 0.99.14z, say, and version 1.0. In fact, drawing attention to such anniversaries is misguided, because it gives the impression that free software is created in the same way as traditional proprietary code, working towards a predetermined end-point according to a top-down plan. So how should we be choosing and celebrating free software's past achievements?"

Comment Re:What's their angle? (Score 1) 20

There jvm is bug filled and error prone... and maybe they feel that websphere is threatened by glassfish?

And the ability to have the specs first and have websphere always being the first app server to apply all the new specs coming out can be a boon to marketshare, especially up against JBoss that is eating into websphere, heavily...

Comment Re:Siiiiiiigh (Score 1) 4

I've been lucky enough to visit Fl during launches twice. You can be as far away as daytona and still see the launch well... totally worth it to go see it :D

Robot Love Goes Bad 101

hundredrabh writes "Ever had a super needy girlfriend that demanded all your love and attention and would freak whenever you would leave her alone? Irritating, right? Now imagine the same situation, only with an asexual third-generation humanoid robot with 100kg arms. Such was the torture subjected upon Japanese researchers recently when their most advanced robot, capable of simulating human emotions, ditched its puppy love programming and switched over into stalker mode. Eventually the researchers had to decommission the robot, with a hope of bringing it back to life again."

Comment Re:Uh... (Score 1) 15

I, unfortunately, cannot see the youtube clip, so I'm kinda in the dark... hope everything is well for both of you...

Journal Journal: Tech Interviewing someone higher up than you? 9

First of all, I don't want this published to the frontpage...
Having said that, I have a quick question. I'm a Java guy that manages a few younger java guys. I have been asked to tech a .net guy that (according to his resume) has managed over 30 developers. How do I tech a guy like that? Do I just stick with OO/patterns questions? I know how to tech a java guy, but one that has more experience than me is a daunting task...

Comment Re:Lots of good points above (Score 1) 30

Wii Kart is pretty fun. You gotta take it a bit lightly, lest you get annoyed because your winning run was screwed by a well timed power up going to another character.

THIS! If you have a major lead in the last leg, you'll get destroyed by about 15 different powerups and end up in 7th place... frustrating as hell...

I'm a big lover of Metroid. Your typical FPS, but with different controls that makes it more 'natural'. Granted, I played the first two, and loved them... so it was a continuation of story for me...

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