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Comment Re:So all Lumias will stop working? (Score 1) 180

Why would they do that? It costs them virtually nothing to simply leave it running and continue to get the business of the users that are left, ditto for the apps that are already on there as lets face it many of the "apps" today are just glorified screen scrapers or simple data processing (such as the app which is just grabbing the data and ads from the website) so as long as there are still even a couple hundred thousand users out there using it? its still gonna be profitable with as little as they have to support it.

And considering many places are selling Lumiz 640s for $40 which takes great pictures, gets really great battery life, has a nice clear screen and plays vids well? I can see those being hung onto for awhile. Finally look at how long MSFT has supported their failed OSes, Vista anyone? and it costs a hell of a lot more to support a full desktop OS like Vista than a lightweight version of win 10 which they are supporting anyway. So unless some major malware comes out for it (doubtful as malware writers go to where the most users are so Win10 Mobile is probably the most secure mobile OS there is right now) I wouldn't be surprised if MSFT just left things as they are until the users drop so small there won't be anyone left to care.

Comment Re: Forget the graphic cards... (Score 1) 93

I can't give you an exact link as I don't have time to go through the video archive but I CAN give you the place to search...H.A. Goodman's YouTube channel which is where I originally saw the numbers. He is pretty good about backing up his vids with links to the exact figures and he covered the election from the very first primaries all the way through to the end so if you need a source for 2016 election figures? He's your man.

Comment Re:Forget the graphic cards... (Score 1) 93

I have an FX-8320e and on stock clocks when I'm just web surfing and watching vids? It pulls between 14w-39w according to the built on power monitoring on my Asus board, that is with 4 cores parked BTW, and when playing games? I average between 59w-75w which again depends on whether Windows has any cores parked which with most games rarely using more than 4 threads? I usually have at least 2 if not 4 parked, in fact the only time I see all 8 cores running is when I'm doing video transcodes and multitrack audio DSP renders.

So yeah running an FX-8? Really not expensive and I have numbers to back it up which as you can see it would take over a decade to make up the difference in cost between an AMD FX and an Intel, the same numbers would hold true for Ryzen.

Comment Re: Forget the graphic cards... (Score 1) 93

Nothing wrong with the FX series, as long as you remember programs compiled with the Intel Cripple Compiler will be slower (but that is true of Ryzen as well) but if you look at benches made with GCC instead of ICC you see exactly what you would expect, the FX-8 sits between an i5 and an i7 depending on how multi-threaded the program is. I personally see absolutely no reason to upgrade from my FX-8320e as I'm getting better than 60fps on all my games (most better than 90fps) and even on heavy workloads like multitrack audio DSP processing it frankly works faster than I can.

As for Hillary? Anybody who could read the numbers knew she would lose a good year before the election. When she announced her candidacy her approval rating? 15%. After nearly a year and a half of the DNC rigging primaries for her, the MSM practically falling over themselves to kiss her ass and even running stories by her for approval? Her approval rating was...14%. Nobody in history has EVER won the POTUS with numbers that low so no shit she lost, she was about the worst possible candidate the DNC could possibly run, a rich influence peddling Wall Street insider that Wikileaks showed was getting her ass kissed by the MSM and cashing big fat checks from nasty dictators like the Saudi princes and if that wasn't enough? Her team pushing a narrative that she deserved it because she had a vag instead of anything she had actually done and that it was owed to her ("Its her turn" which they hung up on giant signs at all her rallies) just made her look even more arrogant and condescending.

Comment Re:I'll end up buying several because fuck Nvidia (Score 2) 93

I know you are being funny but if you don't want to buy a new card every other year? You are better off buying AMD as they age a LOT better than Nvidia cards, and that isn't even counting how more often Nvidia cards seem to cook than AMD from what I've seen at the shop. Gamers have even come up with a name for AMD aging better, they call it AMD Fine Wine Technology and having gone through countless cards at the shop? I can see the difference, the AMD cards seem to be able to play mainstream games for longer than Nvidia cards.

Comment Re:I was most frustrated by ... (Score 3, Informative) 149

Being blocked from doing small fixes by Sarbanes-Oxley and management. But really Sarbanes Oxley.

Prior to SOX, I could see a problem- fix it, refactor the code.. etc. or see a minor improvement- implement it, refactor the code, etc.

After SOX, I had to run everything thru the team lead who had to justify it to the manager who had to justify to the director who had to justify it to the senior director who had to justify it to the Department head, who had to justify it (in a group of other changes) to the CIO.

SOX dictates policy, not process. Nothing in SOX requires the process your company has chosen to implement. SOX basically says: do whatever the fuck you want, but it had better be understandable and sane; if you fail at that, but claim you are compliant, we can jail your senior management.

If you are lucky enough to be working for a good company, you hardly notice SOX. If your company sucks, well, senior management doesn't want to get jailed, so they make a process of hierarchical justifications that is understandable, sane, and stupid: they keep their jobs and stay out of jail.

Comment Re:Cutting edge new features vs reliability, use c (Score 2, Insightful) 238

Actually I would say this XKCD fits Linux better as I'd say that is 90% of the distros out there, just reinventing the wheel and making just enough changes to make them incompatible with each other and break shit.

The really sad part? If you could get all those devs to quit wasting their energy making yet another minor variation of the same OS and instead were to pour all their energy into one distro? You'd have an OS that would curbstomp anything out there in just a couple of years...but it will never happen, instead they will just keep cranking out distros until all the OEMs quietly adopt secureboot and all that is left to run Linux on is high priced workstations and cheapo ARM maker boards.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 2) 116

Why is this guy and others like him

Do you needing a mirror, maybe? After all, you just created categories to divide people between "categorizers" vs. "non-categorizers" (you being in the former), "marginalizers" vs. "inclusivists" (you being on the former too), "egotistical" vs. "altruists" (no clue about you, but probably on the former), "superior-feeling" vs. "equal-feeling" (you evidently feeling superior), and "noble writer" vs. "a**hole writer" (your message most definitely fitting the later).

So, Mr. Categorizer-Marginalist-Egotistical-Superior-Feeling-A**hole-Writer, go get a clue.

Comment Re: commonly used claim? (Score 1) 227

They are also good for fisherman as there are several very poisonous snakes here in the USA and the last thing you want is to get bitten out in the middle of nowhere. At certain times of the year snakes are VERY aggressive and fishing on a creek bank without a handgun to deal with the snakes? Not a really good idea.

Comment Re: Sell out (Score 1) 310

She had posters hung up at all her stops with that slogan, sold t-shirts on her website and at her rallies with that slogan, hell they even were peddling caps and keychains with that slogan. I don't think at that point it really matters who thought it up, she adopted it as her own and just showed how fucking arrogant she was when she started hawking it instead of condemning it.

And now thanks to Wikileaks and an unnamed DNC staffer we know WHY she was so fucking arrogant, it was because she knew she was gonna win the primary before the first vote was ever cast. After all with the DNC handing her the debate questions, the press running major stories by her, and several of the largest media outlets running interference for her how could she not? But in the end it just showed the hubris of HRC and the DNC and how out of touch with anything not in NYC or CA they were because all one had to do was look at her approval ratings to know she didn't have a chance in hell, NOBODY has EVER won the POTUS with approval ratings even half that low. Mitt Romney didn't even score THAT low after his "48%" comment, she was so hated that she scored worse than Mittens at his lowest before she even opened her mouth and said a single word!

Comment Re: Sell out (Score 3, Insightful) 310

You DO know there is a REASON why there is an electoral college, yes? That it was designed for precisely this purpose where the majority of states say "we do not want this person" only for the two most populated states to say "tough shit we don't care what you think" and getting to rule in perpetuity?

Whether you like it or not when HRC announced her candidacy her approval rating? 15%. After a year and a half of the media throwing themselves at her feet, actually running their stories by her for her approval AND if that wasn't enough the DNC actually rigging the primary in her favor? After all of that and hundreds of millions spent trying to sell her her approval rating was....14%.

Lets face it Hillary Clinton was a lying backstabbing arrogant money grubbing influence peddling insider that could have been beaten by the corpse of Richard Nixon, she was THAT hated by the majority of the country. There was literally not a worse possible candidate that could have been chosen by the insiders and her "Its her turn" campaign slogan just showed how fucking arrogant she was and sealed the deal. ironically it was Hillary herself that told the media to push Trump as he was a "pied piper candidate" that, again because she was so fucking arrogant, she thought she could easily defeat by dividing the country up into nice neat little demographics and using some pandering so obvious Ray Charles could see through it basically buy votes. Her "basket of deplorables" was her final Willie Horton that insured she would lose, NY and CA would of course give her the popular vote because....well they would vote for a crackhead for POTUS if they had a D after their name which again shows EXACTLY why we cannot go by the "popular vote" because it would allow 2 states to dictate to the other 48 who was in the White House no matter what the 48 thought.

Comment Re:Ugly legal implications of "circumventing DRM" (Score 1) 126

Really? That is fucking WONDERFUL! Because you want to get the masses really REALLY pissed off, enough to demand this shit be taken out back and shot? yeah just kill their pop up blockers and let their PCs get infected with malware while they are assaulted by a bunch of "punch the monkey in the balls and win an iPad!" ads.

You see THIS is why we really don't have to worry about this because it never fails that their unmitigated greed comes back to bite them in the ass. If you have thought of this I guarantee a thousand greedy website builders have thought of it too and if you want to get the masses on your side? Fuck with their daily routine. All it takes is a bunch of websites infecting their Android phones and Windows desktops to get people out of their stupor and demanding change and now that cross platform malware is a thing and the average web ad company does less vetting than a porno topsite? Oh yeah just pop some popcorn, kick back and watch the excrement hit the bladed cooling device.

Comment Re:Degrees are primarily HR tick marks (Score 4, Insightful) 245

It's pretty damn simple:

Most college degrees show that you are basically employable in a white-collar or pink-collar job entry-level job paying $40K/year or so: you have proven you can show up, follow simple instructions, get work done on time, understand written material, write a page of text that sort of makes sense, do basic arithmetic, etc.

That's about it for 99% of college graduates. Congrats, you get to sit in a chair at work, and we know you can do the simple job we need filled. Hell, do well, and we'll even promote you to where you can earn more and actually add more value.

You went to MIT or did STEM? Great, we figure you are smart, hard-working, and have an analytical mind. That's worth $80K. We really don't care what you majored in or what courses you took. It's still a fucking entry-level job.

20 year old autodidact? Sorry, just too much uncertainty. Come back when you have a track record or a Github repository that we like.

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