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Comment Re:Shovelware sucks (Score 4, Informative) 228

Uhhh My Alcatel Flint didn't come with FB so I didn't have to uninstall it, not that it would have been a problem because you can root an Alcatel phone in under 4 minutes using only the software provided by Alcatel, no third party malware like Kingoroot required.

So no reason to get locked into the Apple iGarden, not when you can spend 5 minutes Googling to find a phone with the features you want that allows users to easily root.

Comment Re:Use a good browser... (Score 1) 465 Safari.

First and foremost: why do you begin your comment at the title? Do you like seeing that "like Safari" alone? Because that's what most people reading will see. Almost no one reads post titles.

As for actually using Safari, that requires a computer that'd require, here in Brazil, paying at a minimum 36 monthly installments of up to 15% of one's monthly wages. Besides, even on Macs most users go for Chrome because, of all reasons, favicons on tabs.

So, no.

Comment Re:Use less firefox (Score 5, Informative) 465

Switch to Pale Moon. They haven't been using any FF upstream since the Australis fuckfest and its been doing great, just rock solid classic FF without the bullshit. They have done a ton of tweaking to make FF run better, have better support for video formats, security patches, etc and the devs have been great about answering their users and actually listening to them instead of giving them the bird like Mozilla did!

So please ask any extension devs that make extensions you love to switch to PM, that is what I did and you'd be surprised how many of them are now making their extensions for PM. For any extensions that are not going forward you can talk to the PM devs, they are making their own repo for extensions and its growing by the day.

Comment Re:What I'm REALLY looking for is (Score 1) 115

What I love about my Acatel (I abuse phones so I went for the One Touch Flint and was amazed by the quality, all day battery life and even plays 3d games quite well) is how easy it was to root without any bullshit malware like kingoroot. It was less than 3 minutes from unboxing the Flint before it was rooted, hell I didn't even have my sim card in it!

Making it easy to root the device if the user wants to? Gives them a BIG thumbs up from me, and anybody who has gone through hell trying to root a phone that isn't from a major manufacturer will know how fucking awesome that is!

Comment Re:What I'm REALLY looking for is (Score 1) 115

Alcatel has some nice phones in smaller form factors, I personally prefer the larger phones myself but if they want a smaller android phone that would probably be the company to go for. I personally prefer Alcatel because you can trivially root them WITHOUT having to use any third party malware like kingoroot, you can literally take an Alcatel out of the box and using nothing but their own installed app have the phone rooted in under 3 minutes.

Comment Re:Except it was fake news from media companies... (Score 2) 138

Dude I fucking dare you to go read the Podesta emails and come back here with a straight face and tell us he and his buddies at the pizza place aren't fucking pedos, I dare you. I'll even give you the places to start, start with the Podesta "hot tub" email and follow that with the paintings of children hanging up in that place.

Just because a nut tried to take the law into his own hands does NOT mean the people there aren't fucking scumbags. Or are you gonna really stand here and tell us that a 50 year old man having 7-9 year old girls waiting for him in a hot tub as "entertainment" while his buddies at the pizza place have pictures on the wall of young kids in underwear with their asses red and frightened looks on their faces is completely normal?

Comment Re:Just Plain Disgusting (Score 2, Insightful) 138

Oh please! The Russians didn't have to do shit, Shillary destroying evidence, taking hammers to her devices, and shilling her office to Qatar while calling everyone who disagreed with her an "ist" guaranteed you could run the corpse of Jimmy Hoffa and kick her ass!

Look up her approval numbers before the was at 16%, after all the media slobbering all over her and singing her praises for nearly 2 years? Her numbers were..drumroll...15%. the woman was and is HATED because she is a lying manipulative shill who thinks her shit don't stink and that you are too stupid to see through her obviously phony spin. There was literally NOBODY in the democratic party with worse numbers than her, NOBODY. Not Bernie, not Warren, hell I bet Gary Hart has better approval ratings than her!

All wikileaks did was give us the details to the underhanded shit we already knew she was doing. We already knew about her destroying evidence, already knew of her taking huge checks from Wall Street, already knew about how she flip flopped and changed direction more than a wind sock in a hurricane, there was nothing positive about that woman but because she was asshole buddies with the money men and insiders they thought they could force her down the public's throats because they thought we were too fucking stupid to see through their obvious propaganda.

BTW you can thank her for Trump, look up "Clinton pied piper candidate" and you'll see how she told the media to suck up and sing Trump's praises because she thought her identity politics would be an easy sell when facing him instead of a more traditional candidate...well she found out what any pollster that wasn't on her payroll could have told her, that a 60 year old mummified turd from Richard Nixon would draw more positive numbers than she would!

Comment Re:What a mess (Score 1) 408

I have trouble sympathizing with anyone who willingly uses LabVIEW.

And why is that? It's nice for industrial-focused UIs, hardware configuration, and intuitive parallel programming, as long as it fits into the dataflow paradigm, of course. And following good programming practices makes it easy to change functionality, reuse code, and debug. Only people who don't do it right have difficulties.

Evidently, anything requiring performance goes either into DLLs or pass through embedded MATLAB scripts.

Comment Re:What a mess (Score 3, Informative) 408

Low contrast text fad makes things difficult to read

The fun thing is when that affects your IDE, particularly when it's entirely graphical. Until version 2015 LabVIEW had nice black graphics in its icons (equivalent to functions in text languages). With version 2016 they went low contrast, hard, so that icons all appear disabled now (there's a wrap around option that allows one to disable areas of the screen and fades the icons there -- all icons look like that now). End result: older programmers complaining and asking for an UI option to switch between low contrast and high contrast, as it isn't like the old icons don't exist anymore.

National Instruments's answer was to the effect that: under focus group tests the lower contrast was welcomed (I wonder if they tested it with 20-years-old only); that nature has no hard blacks so low contrast is easier on the eyes; that industry as a whole is moving towards low contrast so better you guys get used to it; that adding a high/low contrast switch would move engineering effort towards a low priority feature; and that if you're not being able to discern the icons, your monitor is uncalibrated, so call a specialist to calibrate your monitor or buy a better one.

Older programmers answer to this was to uninstall LabVIEW 2016, go back to LabVIEW 2015, and to stick to it for as long as it's supported.

Good thing my company didn't purchase the upgrade to LabVIEW 2016. I still have the version I can comfortably look at. :-)

Comment Re:Free the Bootloaders (Score 1) 76

I think we're seeing a failure of the maxim "market forces for the benefit of all" dogma here.

Maybe, but it's difficult to say for sure when the whole thing is wrapped under State-sanctioned anti-free-market monopoly-inducing violence-enforced system of intellectual "property" laws: copyrights, patents and trademarks. Plus the selling of monopolies over radio-frequency bands, tons of incumbent-protecting regulatory laws in all markets, Customs-protection of systemic internal inefficiencies, legal impediments for individuals to use for their own benefit the same tactics corporations use etc. etc. etc.

If those were removed we'd get to see what market forces actually produce on their own under different cultural frameworks. It might be better, it might be even more nightmarish, it might be something equivalent to what we have but different on a few points, and it might even be all of those under different conditions.

Alas, we don't know. What we do know is that market forces operating within the above restrictions have strong incentives to use those restriction in their own favor, so that the whole package is broken. But which part of the whole is providing most of that breakage is difficult to gauge.

Comment Re:Anyone tried Firefox on Android recently? (Score 1) 317

if I didn't want Google snooping my browsing habits, I could live with FF.

I tried running FF on my Moto G 1st gen a few months ago. This is a very outdated phone by today's standards, but it's what I can afford here in Brazil. It has only 1 GB RAM, of which only about 220 MB available for user apps.

End result: the fully up-to-date Chrome managed to run fine, with the keyboard managing to run at the same time, while Firefox crashed at almost any heavier page, and even if it didn't crash, almost always caused my keyboard to crash, making typing into forms a challenge.

Needless to say, in a few days I uninstalled Firefox and went Chrome-only.

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