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Comment Re:And there's a whole series of comments at Ars.. (Score 5, Interesting) 245

Besides the many, many stretches of the imagination required for his story (e.g., it infects the firmware on all major brands of USB drives, he never extracted a binary blob or sent the infected device to the manufacturer, the audio communication silliness, the fact that he apparently thinks infection could spread through the power cable, and so on...) the biggest issue to my mind is that if this is so communicable, why in all the time he's had it under observation has it never spread anywhere else? Also, why has he not shown it to a colleague. This is the sort of thing that goes over huge at conferences.

Comment Re:Random paper generator (Score 1) 95

To be fair, quite a few conferences are nothing more than somebody's trying to take your money. I get emails all the time with subjects like "Call for Papers for the Third International Symposium on ." If you submit a paper (or read the fine print), they'll inform you that at least one author must pay to attend the conference or they won't include it in the proceedings. There is, of course, no peer review; every submitted article is accepted, just so long as you pay them.

Comment Re:What about 10 year old mysql bugs? (Score 1) 191

Don't forget MySQL's translation of NULLs in NOT NULL constrained fields to 0 or empty strings instead of rejecting the update as a proper RDBMS should. Somebody needs to explain to them that missing data is missing, not 0. I can't tell you how many problems I've seen this cause (ofc, whether and how NULLs should be used is another discussion entirely...).

Comment Re:fast, but wrong (Score 1) 191

Let's not forget how it "enforces" constraints. For example, consider:

sname VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL);
INSERT INTO emps (fname) VALUES ('John');

In a proper RDBMS, that would fail for violating a constraint. MySQL/MariaDB just massage the missing sname into an empty string, which is about as valid as just sticking 'sldfjpsdj;ksdj;fsdljkfsd.'

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