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Comment Re:How to Pay? (Score 1) 105

The site you refer to doesn't seem to even provide a Tonga service. I also notice they pretend to be a country in themselves when marketing their Casino license service. Regretfully this field also has a lot of "black hats" operating within it, not necessarily these guys, yet the indications are there. When shopping for services like that its always better to look at vendors that operate from a slightly better regulated jurisdiction, like for example Cyprus. Here is an example of company formation professionals that are trustworthy. Tread lightly in the murky tax haven shallows.

Comment Re:slicehost (Score 1) 456

For a dedicated server go to they have the best value and the best bandwidth pricing. Ok, English often is not the first language of their support people (I'd say probably its Russian), but they are more than proficient enough in it to get the job done, and they seem to be gurus. For VPS slicehost is probably one of the best choices you can make, I'll agree on that. But for dedicated you can experiment with different configurations here and if you have a high volume site they will get you a special deal.

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