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Comment Re:Nerds provide the tools (Score 5, Informative) 403

It doesn't matter what Trump is going to do. The companies and scientists in the US that would be doing the work under the deal have unanimously said they are still going to do the work. The only difference here is that the US wont be contributing money to 3rd world countries so they can step up their game, which honestly inst that big of a deal because none of them pollute even near as close as the US, China, and India (the latter two aren't even going to start their work until after 2020 anyway).

Comment Re:Typical China company (Score 2) 103

Where I work we have daily hack attempts coming from China, We have seen Chinese people rooting through our garbage, and we even had some Chinese agents buy some of our stuff, and got caught at the airport with tickets to Beijing.

Our situation is a little different as by US law our stuff cannot be sold to/in China at all, but still shows the lengths they will go to to get what they want.

Comment Re:Apple (Score 2) 98

Apple is quickly building a reputation with other tech companies that they are not to be trusted. The company I work for is developing a smaller version of what we already make, with the original intention of getting them into iPhones, that view has shifted in the last year or so. Now we are avoiding interaction with Apple like the plague.

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