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Comment Re:wrong plaintiff (Score 0) 135

Don't you get a free online photo storage/sharing messaging service that includes a chat messenger and highly functional plugin-like apps/games?

"Don't you get an advert-supported photo storage/sharing messaging service that includes a ridiculously buggy chat messenger and vaguely functional plugin-like apps/games that are one of the main security issues in the first place?" Fixed.

Comment Re:Probably not. (Score 1) 332

That would be the way it'd work for laptops, yes, except there are some issues that would come about with that. Viewing angle for the lower screen, when you have it positioned like a laptop, as well as battery life of running the two screens. The screenshots say a bit about their target market with this device, as it only shows uses that are rather... low-keyboard-use.

Comment Probably not. (Score 1) 332

I highly doubt touch screens will ever replace the keyboards for desktops or laptops. Due to ergonomic reasons, the touch-keyboards would still have to be on a separate plane than the screen you're looking at. Imagine your computer's monitor having a touch-screen keyboard, bend your wrists and hands into a position that you could actually type with. Hold that position for an extended period of time. Weep tears as your wrists hate you.

Comment Re:Just another reason (Score 2, Insightful) 111

I dunno, I run into the same amount of cheaters in games with countermeasures against such things as I do in games without. Besides, votekick/voteban is a lovely tool, as well as servers with admins. Or, you could always... you know... go to a different server, or tough it out. Sometimes it's fun to try and take them down, too.

Comment They'll just change the games (Score 3, Interesting) 142

All military shooters will take place in a parallel universe where the world's governments realize that while war is a means to an end, the cost of life is too great to be a viable option. All firearms were discarded, used only for sport now, and instead all guns are paintball guns. The UN sends judges to determine when soldiers have taken enough hits to be considered unfit to continue. In the end, the soldiers meet in the middle of the battlefield, shake hands, and pull out wet sponges to clean paint off the opposing teams's uniform and kit. In this world, in war, no matter which side is victorious, everyone is a winner.

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