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Comment Re:Solution? (Score 1) 152

Other techniques involve detecting flawed logic or intentionally faulty reasoning which is often used in sarcasm or satire.

Good point. And this won't have any false positives when looking for sarcasm in online sources, because logically humans should always demonstrate flawless reasoning when having non-sarcastic discussion.


Comment Garmin Vivoactive (Score 1) 169

I've done marathons, ultras, and tris with my Garmin 910XT; it was awesome but simply stopped turning on last year. After a lot of research I replaced it with the Garmin Vivoactive and have loved it so far.

It does not have music storage, but it does have bluetooth, so you could use it to control a phone/ipod which has music on it. I don't know of any GPS watches that also have storage but that wasn't something I looked for either. (I don't listen to music when running; if you do please be extra careful as other posts have mentioned)

The cons of the Vivoactive:
-"only" 10 hours of GPS battery life; should be plenty for a marathon but the 910 had 20 hours so this was a downgrade
-can't turn off or configure the sometimes annoying step-tracking feature (so far, that I've found)

Things about it I love:
-can be used as a smartwatch
-great battery life as a smartwatch (screen is color LCD with backlight, instead of always-on LED like Apple watch or others)
-very very small profile and light weight
-has vibrate; some of the cheaper GPS watches skip this but I love it for mile split alerts
-it has swimming/biking/indoor workout features

Comment Re:the remaining 16% (Score 1) 192

I can speak from experience on this. I have a relatively mild peanut* allergy - by relatively mild I mean I don't have to carry an epi-pen and I've never had any life-threatening reactions though they can be very unpleasant.

The first/most common reaction I get is a scratchy throat which results in coughing. I don't find it hard to breathe beyond the coughing but my throat feels very irritated and slightly constricted. The best way to describe it might be like feeling incredibly dry. This reaction is usually pretty quick and if I feel it coming on I know I'd better stop eating whatever is causing it. It's not fun but if the coughing isn't bad I don't always have to excuse myself from social situations and it gradually fades over the course of an hour or so. But sometimes the onset is more gradual, perhaps due to lower concentrations. In this case if I ingest enough I can end up curled up in a pretty miserable ball of the worst stomach pain I've ever felt.

Bendadryl and time help. When I was a child in school I usually carried a benadryl capsule with me, but now I'm just cautious. I'm grateful that my reactions aren't life-threatening and also that I have no problem being around other people eating peanuts, but they can certainly be unpleasant enough for me to read ingredient labels closely and ask when offered things like cookies/brownies/etc.

*known allergens - peanuts, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts; known non-allergens - cashews, pistachios (both of which I love)

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