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Comment Mary Hall at The University of Utah (Score 1) 198

I wouldn't call her advanced coursework easy, but a resource that belongs on this thread:

Mary Hall is a professor of Computer Science. Her recent work is related to compilers and parallel programming on GPUs. Her professional web page is something like an on-line open course, or the framework of one.

Comment Re:Completely Off the Rail at Section 5.2 (Score 1) 451

I came here to point this out and I am glad to see you have already done so. Yes, this paragraph makes it clear.

The NSA spies on anonymized communications. When it detects illegal activity, it investigates that as terrorism. When it determines that one of the parties was a U.S. Citizen in the U.S., it hands the investigation over to the FBI.

This provides zero surprise to those of us who have been following cryptome since before the Continuity of Government. Did you know that Kissinger has a position in the CoG?

Comment Seattle was one of two cities... coincidence? (Score 1) 205

Seattle, Washington and Washington, District of Columbia were the two cities with live tests of Trapwire.

Trapwire of course relies on facial recognition and other recognition. Seattle, Washington is in the same State of Washington that is mentioned in the posting title as being data-mined for faces from drivers' licenses and IDs.

Comment Re:Manager skills are not the issue (Score 1) 331

Head of IT doesn't really need to know that much tech.

This is nonsense. Assigning ignorant managers to "supervise" technical people is a hallmark of business-school thinking. Any competent technical person will abhor that environment, leaving the company with a department full of low-IQ workers managed by a know-nothing.

Comment You know that client that accused you of lying? (Score 1) 480

It really sounds like they tried to confront you in a "Now I've Got You, You SOB!" style of transaction. If that is what happened, avoid doing business with that client, ever.

If the client asked you what they should make of the copyright notices, that's one thing. If they immediately called you a "liar," that's another. If the latter is what happened, again, set them straight as to what happened, then don't ever talk to them again.

Comment Outsourcing plays a role. (Score 3, Insightful) 101

In one example I saw, the, um, mistake in security implementation was committed by a belarussian contractor who had a strong feeling against the U.S. oil interests in Georgia (Eastern Europe) and was working at a U.S. mega-corporation...

Hiring certain political persuasions to do mission-critical work for mega-corporations is something I would look out for. I specifically mean hiring anti-U.S. personalities to perform work for U.S. infrastructure has its weaknesses.

When mega-corporations implement critical infrastructure (e.g. login credentials) they would be using sympathetic professional contractors, probably from the U.S., the U.K., France, Germany, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canda of course. Not BRIC. That's my 2c /.

Comment Re:Please sign my petition on this (Score 1) 121

Assign U.S. Army laboratory (USAMRIID) to investigate and develop a treatment for the MERS virus outbreak.

The emerging MERS virus poses a potential threat to the health of all U.S. Citizens. MERS may represent a second example of "SARS-like" viruses and the present emerging outbreak is a good time to practice our national response to a potential emergency.

The U.S. Army laboratories including USAMRIID, national labs, and other reasources at your disposal stand at the ready to defend the United States from various organisms. These laboratories may have the ability to quickly research the MERS virus for the people of the United States.

The United States government should in turn give the patents and other properties created by the United States to the American people, and to all the nations of the world.

Comment Re:They saw this coming for ages... (Score 5, Informative) 235

GOES-R looks really cool.

Here is a trailer/teaser video about it, excellent production values. It could be titled: "GOES-R : Into Fog"

The page that has links to all these videos is at a special U.S. government website about GOES-R

This is a much longer video which details all of the instruments.

Finally, you may enjoy this video on the overall NOAA project and system, and how GOES-R fits into that system. Of note in this video is the statement that currently three (3) GOES satellites provide redundant coverage of the U.S.

At the moment, GOES-15 is the west coast satellite, at longitude 135 West. GOES-13 was imaging from 75W. GOES-14 is presently located at 105W.

Comment Re:I sense a great disturbance in the web... (Score 2) 223

If you live in the U.S., this type of meat is named "organic" and already on the shelves.

Hell, I would be glad to buy such a product and pay more for them.

You can do that already -- unless you object to the use of antibiotics on animals with an infection. Even organic labelling allows that. It's the non-therapeutic use of antibiotics that is prohibited.

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