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Comment Re:Job Performance (Score 1) 401

not everyone vaguely connected to the government is a clandestine CIA operative.

Of course not! The people who "work" for the "CIA" aren't really operatives at all, they're just there to dupe us into thinking the rest of the government isn't clandestine operatives. Actually, the real intelligence arm of the United States Government is the Department of Agriculture. Anyone can do SIGINT work, but what really matters is who controls the milk.

*Cue X-files theme*

Comment Re:Job Performance (Score 1) 401

Your ability to keep your word is the prime qualification for any high security job. You break you word in one aspect, why should you be trusted in any other. Stop and think for a change.

Because sneaking behind your boss's back to post on slashdot isn't the same as selling company information to a competitor.

Fundamentalist, categorical thinking is fundamentally and categorically closedminded! =) Seriously, though, the fact is that lots of people will lie in one context to one person, but not in another or to another. Even in courts, the question you look at to determine credibility of a witness is the habit of lying under oath--you can't just bring in evidence willy nilly saying that the witness happened to lie to her friend about her age so she must have been willing to lie about [topic]

Comment Re:Nonsense....look at the 1950 hurricanes in the (Score 1) 448

Fair, although the observation has been made about highly destructive hurricanes in the past, and is a result of certain established weather patterns and geography. When those weather patterns change and two years in a row of hurricanes do something which has always been unusual, it's enough to take notice.

The hurricane that came in in the forties was disasterous--a woman swam across the sound and announced long island was sinking. A man went to the post office to return his new barometer, which he though twas defective, and while he was gone his house blew away. The National Weather Service thought the storm wouldn't be any problem because it left Miami relatively unscathed, and then downtown Providence was under water.

Comment Re:Nonsense....look at the 1950 hurricanes in the (Score 1) 448

It's not the same behavior, albeit similar in many respects. North Carolina is not New York--the coast is a different shape, the weather patterns are different, and the chance of a storm going inland are different. This was New York, where storms are much less likely to turn inland.

Comment Re:Doesn't say anything (Score 1) 448

Even a Cat 1 hurricane that turns inland around NY happens maybe once a century. (Three times, now, two in the last two years.) They generally go up the coast. If that weren't concerning enough, we have the storm surge, together with the threat of rising oceans. It's not we're-all-gonna-die territory. But it's not good, and NY should be spending billions building seawalls capable of holding back the ocean.

Comment Re:Uh... (Score 0) 236

Wooo hooo! A Marine who can type!

Wonders every day.

Most kids who join up at eighteen do so because they think it's their best option, which generally means they're not that educated with good college as a prospect. There are some brilliant marines, but the marines are a service people join young, and with joining up optional, most people who join up aren't the best typists in class. Doesn't seem like a thing to be mocked for.

Comment Contamination has happened before (Score 1) 158

I have heard that in the early days of the space program, they flushed human waste out of the ships. Subsequently, one day when they were working in the space shuttle, they found grime (from the waste) basically lining the cargo hold. Of course, that wasn't in a pressurized cabin at temperatures conducive to bacterial growth...

Comment Re:How does this work? (Score 1) 175

Global jurisdiction would imply that jurisdiction C can claim jurisdiction, and you don't operate there at all. The US Constitution doesn't allow that, and even the international criminal court (probably as close to global jurisdiction as it gets) is technically complementary jurisdiction IIRC, since countries still have jurisdiction to try their own war criminals--the ICC only does it if they don't. And it generally only applies to countries which are party to the Rome Statute, so they've consented.

If it really were global jurisdiction, people like Kaderov would not be protected just because they do whatever Putin wants.

Comment Re:well, fuck you (Score 2) 727

I'm opposed to oppression of offensive speech because it is so bad that intelligent people learn better why they shouldn't use it when they see it.

It seems odd to question the legitimacy of a person's faith on the basis of whether they translate a phrase a certain way. Kind of like you can't be Jewish if you turned on a light on Shabbat, or you can't be Catholic if you failed to read the Pope's latest proclamation.

Comment Re:Wouldn't that just be corporate fraud? (Score 1) 140

Thats not MORE punishment, thats the same punishment we all face, loss of prospects.

If all prospects are equal, sure. But (1) nobody can hire the disbarred attorney as an attorney, even if they want to, and (2) it is a crime for him to work as an attorney. Felons who work in other fields can be hired, it's just hard for them to find a job, and they are rarely legally prohibited from working in a profession they've dedicated their lives to.

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