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Comment Re:It's not like they risk anything. (Score 0) 304

You do understand that "open carry" means visible in a holster or slung over the shoulder and not being held ready to fire (finger near the trigger), right? Carrying it with the finger near the trigger is called "brandishing" and is a crime and will get an officer to draw regardless of color.

When officers get a call about an armed person walking around, they assume brandishing, especially in states where open carry is legal. Even when the caller has bothered to specify race and the dispatcher has passed that along. (Not so) well-meaning liberal idiots have called in "person with a gun" reports when seeing a white person walking down the street with a properly holstered firearm in open carry states and the police arrive and draw quickly unless they can very clearly see empty hands while on the approach. Perhaps you have heard of the term "swatting". I have read where anti-gun liberals suggest it as a proper response that will convince law-abiding citizens to stop openly carrying.

Comment Re:It's not like they risk anything. (Score 1) 304

"Unions help grease the gears." Funny, but that sound a whole lot like "greasing the wheels" which is a euphemism for bribery. So you argument about unions being necessary is that they add to the corruption. Awesome argument you've got going. I haven't seen a pro-union argument this honest before.

Comment Re:It's not like they risk anything. (Score 1) 304

Why is the goal to prevent obviously violent criminals from dying? Why should I care that someone has to be within 15 feet or 10 feet or whatever of a police officer with an undrawn weapon before the police officer doesn't have a chance? The person threatening an officer with a knife has shown himself to be violent. I think society should have fewer violent people in it. Why exactly is it that you believe that violent people should be treated as if they weren't violent?

Comment Re:It's not like they risk anything. (Score 1) 304

Yes, it is also highlighting the frequency with which the "I/he/she did nothing wrong and was completely compliant" is a complete lie or the one last week where the newspaper columnist went on about having been harassed and yelled at only for the video to prove that the officer never even raised her voice.

Yes, video proves that officers sometimes make mistakes but we already knew that. It also proves that some officers are control freaks and corrupt but we already knew that as well.

What the ubiquity of video is proving is that the Black Lives Matter movement and other movements of its ilk are lying, big time.

Comment Re:It's not like they risk anything. (Score 1) 304

" you would support the police officer killing a totally innocent person, because they didn't obey their orders, just so the officer wouldn't get even a slight cut."

No, I am not an idiot. I assume that anyone willing to attempt to cut a police officer is actually attempting to do more than just put a small scratch on the back of the officers hand. I am one of the reasonable folks who believe that such a person is attempting to kill or seriously wound (cause great bodily harm to) the police officer. We reasonable people also believe that people willing to do that to police officers are more than willing to do it to others as well.

We also reasonably ask people like you why it is that you prefer to let obviously violent people who have shown a desire to harm innocent people run around free in society.

Comment Re:It's not like they risk anything. (Score 1) 304

Because I can. Why do i carry a hammer in my truck most of the time when i write computer software for a living? Because it is in the box with a bunch of other tools that get used occasionally and it is more convenient to always have them than to have to think about which ones to put in for every trip.

Why does anybody worry about people carrying who have bothered to obtain a permit to do so even if bothering is nothing more than filling out a form? Those people are what we call law-abiding. Harming people with a firearm is a crime. Law-abiding people, by definition, do not commit crimes. Outside of Stephen King and similar novels/movies, inanimate objects such as firearms exert no control over those who possess them so the simple act of carrying a gun is not going to cause a law-abiding to use it improperly.

Criminals, on the other hand, don't really care too much about the laws. Ask nearly any police officer about how much they worry about "shall issue" or "constitutional carry". An extremely small percentage will have an issue with it. Ask them why and they will most likely tell you that it is because they already know that criminals carry so why should they worry about the non-criminals.

Comment Re: It's not like they risk anything. (Score 1) 304

Like the cd guy in New Orleans who had never been armed in his life but couldn't get a job because he had been convicted multiple times of crimes involving firearms and had one in his pocket.

Or the "hands up, don't shoot" dude in Missouri who did not, in fact, have his hands up.

Yes, repeating lies tends to make people believe them but that it never makes them the truth.

Comment Re:It's not like they risk anything. (Score 1) 304

The statement was "young black person carrying a weapon in a high crime rate area". If young means under 21 then there was no innocence involved. Regardless of age, if the gun was out and not put down immediately when demanded by police officers then all but the most racist of us will gladly accept that the officer is correct in assuming that the gun is going to be used illegally (against the officer).

That is what this whole argument is about. Teenagers carrying guns are not innocent. By definition they are committing a crime. Perhaps it shouldn't be a crime but the politicians claiming to be on the side of the teenager of color are the ones so adamant about gun possession being a crime.

Comment Re:ad absudium (Score 1) 396

That was Chicago. It has been run nearly exclusively by the party wanting the US to be like wherever it is you live. I can name plenty of other large cities where the violent crime rate is lower than major European cities. Just to give a few examples, how many gun/bombing crimes happened in Salt Lake City, UT or Omaha, NE compared with London and Paris over the past few years.

Yes, America has issues but so does Europe.

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