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Comment Re:good (Score 1) 246

Will you make up your damn minds. First, Trump and supporters are a bunch of communists listening to Putin. Then they are a bunch of Nazis building ovens.

Today they are back to being communists?

I remember being taught a little saying about it being very difficult to keep a lie going because it is more difficult to remember all the lies necessary to keep a lie going than it is to simply remember the truth being told.

This Trump is a communist, Trump is a fascist. Trump is a communist cycle pretty much proves that old saying correct.

Comment Re:Don't worry, regulation will end that nonsense (Score 1) 246

Well, having the "Central Committee" run the show is a worse solution as you then having a single corporation controlling everything. I haven't seen that the European feudal model works any better.

The less control a government can take, the less power it has and the less reason for corporations to control it.

Comment Re:Don't worry, regulation will end that nonsense (Score 1, Insightful) 246

How will a small community project be taken over by a big corporation? It will only happen if the small community's government agrees or if the larger government around the small community (state or more likely federal) uses overreaching regulatory power to force the small community to acquiesce. I doubt that you can find any modern examples of a big corporation forcibly taking over a community project using hired killers and such. But making nonsense claims about the evilness of corporations sure does make a good slogan for why communism is good. We will just ignore the fact that communism results in the largest, greediest corporation possible being in charge of a country. That makes for a not so good slogan.

Comment Re:Don't worry, regulation will end that nonsense (Score 1) 246

If the government did not have the power to grant and enforce a monopoly... Government gets that power when it gets the power to overregulate. If a government only had the power to punish a corporation for unfair business practices (like hiring hired killers to entice ranchers to give up rights of way to railroads if we want to go that far back in history for the abuses) and didn't have the power to grant the railroad exclusive access into an area in the first place...

Comment Re:Shut up (Score 1) 172

Well, yeah. See above for that bit about Europe and fascism. The US has that little bit about being allowed to be uncommunicative with the police and it not being able to be used against for the exact reason that the British have been abusing it for well over 250 years. What do you think that quaint little war that George lost was all about? That the crown was being irresponsible with all the freedom it was handing out?

Comment Re:Data miners can FUCK OFF (Score 1) 175

What is all this faux anger about how you will deal with a restaurant that doesn't accept cash? I have never been in a restaurant or store (grocery, furniture, bike, book, adult) or garage or anything that didn't accept cash. I haven't tried cash at a hotel for a couple of decades so I'm not sure about them.

Where are you people at that you have lots of small retail outlets refusing to take cash?

Comment Re:Data mining not needed (Score 1) 175

I haven't seen a Burger King or similar run out of burgers but I have seen them run out of buns and other essentials and not so essentials. BTW, they do use software to track their inventory. I worked the delivery side way back (30+ years ago) when the tracking was all done manually in little books and I've watched the technology change as my wife has been involved on the restaurant side.

Restaurants frequently run out of certain dishes. The further from burgers and reheating pre-packaged a restaurant is, the more likely it is to run out of certain dishes; the ones where the major ingredients don't have long shelf or refrigerator lives are the most susceptible to that. I don't see where data mining will help with that because, once a restaurant is fairly established, any half-decent management will have picked up on the trends (usually by tracking their inventory and usage with their accounting system or just in their head and old-fashioned books by hand). What causes problems is when they guess wrong about the unusual events like the infrequent concert down the road or being in the band of totality for a solar eclipse (frequent concerts down the road become part of the trends they can watch). Data mining won't really help these situations.

Comment Re: Ridiculous (Score 1) 936

I suppose you disagree and believe that artists should be compelled by law to accept commissions to produce works of art promoting messages with which the artist disagrees?

Or do you think producing a wedding cake is nothing more than mixing some eggs and water into a couple of boxes of Duncan Hines and tossing the mixture into an oven for a couple of minutes and done!?

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