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Comment That may or may not work (Score 1) 144

The only reason we don't have net neutrality now is because there is no competition. The far better solution would be to outlaw exclusive franchises. The market has to be pried open. And a good way to do that is to make the companies compete against a municipality/state provided service. Net neutrality should naturally follow.

Comment Re:65 democrats voted for it (Score 1) 114

Might there be a valid reason we need this law that both parties in congress actually recognizes?

No, but I have always acknowledge that the majority isn't really against it. Doesn't make it right, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.

Need this always be attributed to some nefarious intent?

History speaks for itself. It's just the way people play. *I can accept that*.

Comment Re:65 democrats voted for it (Score 1) 114

We all expected the republicans to vote for it, but 44 didn't. With those votes the democrats could have stopped it, but didn't. In truth they're not really against it. So they throw in just enough votes to squeeze it through, and make various excuses. You can save your breath, the renewals will pass no matter who is swinging the gavel.

Comment Re:*STOP BLAMING TRUMP* ! (Score 0) 226

Yeah, and democrats had control of congress afterward, and many of them went along with the republicans anyway. He had his chance, Obama owns it just as much as Bush, same with the Wall Street handouts. If the democrats won't undo what the republicans did, what good are they?

Comment Re:Aye, there's the rub ... (Score 1) 3

All my USB disk problems were traced to the crappy cable and connector. I would take the disk out of the box and install it internally. I've been lucky so far. Now I just do a poor man's RAID 1, buying two of everything. Internal drives are cheaper, so I found this really cool docking thing. Hope it works...

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