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Comment Re:Ask Slashdot: (Score 1) 168

'Privacy rights' don't give you the right to censor the internet. And there is no 'right' to be forgotten. The concept is indeed insane. Nobody has a right to erase a memory. I hope any and all circumvention efforts succeed in telling all the governments to blow it out their ass. An indelible, universally accessible internet is a worthy goal.

Comment Re:Ask Slashdot: (Score 1) 168

Yes, they could hurt domestic business, but Europe doesn't have that kind of clout outside its borders. I mean, yeah, Google will cave, but that's only because they have a physical presence they don't want to give up. Doesn't really matter, we won't get unfiltered searches without a distributed search engine anyway. There's no other way around arbitrary and capricious law written by feudal bureaucrats.

Comment Re:Hard to see, except for that thing (Score 1) 20

Eh, whatever, at least I didn't call you a 'creepy stalker' for your unsolicited (but always welcome) response. Still, try to find an innocent on either side. You won't. You won't acknowledge the filth it takes to win in this business.

Trump's ethical and possible criminal transgressions...

... as well as the outrageous indignation from those on the outside, are completely irrelevant to his fanbase. Same goes the democrat fanbase over their transgressions.The reason Hillary lost has nothing to do with the Russians. But the excuse is playing well. So, what point is there in bringing up shit about 'ethics'? The opposition to it is nil. If you want ethical politicians, you have to vote for them. It means voting against republicans AND democrats, not just placing bets on which one will win and bitching about the upset.

Comment Re:Hard to see, except for that thing (Score 1) 20

Investigations are cool, and I would love to hear about some serious ones that aren't chasing ghosts. There are no innocents here. It's just the proverbial *assassin accusing the assassin*.

The conclusions that mass media and its millions of parrots are not cool. Entire newspapers have become nothing but an editorial section. They are the ones rushing to judgement. That's how to keep ad rates up. So far it's all just tabloid 'birtherism' with the roles reversed, a distraction from 'family issues' within the Party's politburo that should have had it voted out decades ago.

Comment Re:Hard to see, except for that thing (Score 1) 20

The simple fact in the whole affair is that you don't have enough evidence to prosecute, and the people that vote for them don't give a damn anyway.

Forget it- if you're still supporting him at this point, you're hopeless.

You make too many erroneous assumptions. That particular one is an extremely common form of distraction. All your emotional baggage contributes nothing. It's not my ethics, and I never supported any of them. The man didn't get my vote, and neither did Hillary or any other lying scumbags that regularly break their promises. None of them ever won office on my account. Why are you projecting that onto me? It's very presumptuous of you...

Comment Re:angry and drunk (Score 1) 7

And it's also true that the dumb shit he does that he calls 'business' would come to bite him in the ass sooner or later.

But what form would that have to take? He wears every 'bite' as a badge of honor. Unless he lands in jail, he will make another fortune out of anything that happens. His fan base is more loyal than Shatner's.

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