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Comment Re:Quality doesn't matter when it's disposable any (Score 1) 289

There's a piece of Samsung, and Microsoft too, in every phone you buy. In fact they even make a few pennies on that box of laundry detergent, and on the ships they build. A diversified portfolio and cross manufacturing makes it almost impossible to avoid Samsung or anybody else you might hate.

Comment Re:Ask Slashdot: (Score 1) 181

You can delete all the posts you want, but anybody who copied them beforehand can repost them. And Google can still have a cache file. You have no right to force anybody to erase those or any references to them.

And this is not about protecting you from *big undemocratic greedy corporations*. It's there to allow powerful people (government or corporate) to erase embarrassing statements and actions. It is exactly what China does to its internet. You don't have a right to control what a search engine finds and indexes, and to combat the attempt, we need an alternative that can't be controlled by legislation. A search engine should be like a 'dumb pipe', find and display anything you are searching for, unfiltered. Arguing about it is silly. Circumvention of such laws is essential to keep the internet wide open.

Comment Re:Hard to see, except for that thing (Score 1) 29

You really, truly think that they've broken no laws whatsoever?

Not at all, but it doesn't matter what I think. I repeat, he did not get my vote. Endlessly and breathlessly pontificating on it won't accomplish a damn thing. You gotta deal with his 63 million supporters that are not me. The most noticeable thing about Trump is the hyperactive reaction he gets for acting boldly in public what his predecessors did behind the curtain. They guy's a chump, but the shtick is brilliant. Mass media is completely hypnotized, can't talk about anything else except some sports, traffic, and weather. No, the sad thing is that the opposition was so weak that he won. That's what it boils down to. It's the horrible ugly truth. The Russia thing is comparative bullshit (but an effective distraction), a convenient scapegoat to externalize one faction's own failures.

I'm more worried that the reaction to Trump will only bring out even worse, more antipathic people as each side digs in their heels.

Comment Re:Hard to see, except for that thing (Score 1) 29

Not yet. Stay tuned.

I am, I'm just mocking all the hype and obsession leading into it. But precedence says most of it is a bullshit distraction from internal problems. It's better to use history as a guide than to believe the rhetoric. Unfortunately all this is simply repeating history instead of learning from it.

I notice your hypocrisy didn't allow you to say comment on this, mostly because you have no cogent response. In other words, you're fine with anything Trump and his minions do...

What is there to comment on? It's an absurd statement that made no sense. It simply doesn't relate to the price of rice. I'm not fine with any of them doing it. I make that position known in the only sensible way, with my vote. I'm not going to obsess and masturbate over it to be part of the 'in crowd'. And here again, you make unfounded and mistaken assumptions. And again again, I actually did respond to your silliness:

I never supported any of them. The man didn't get my vote, and neither did Hillary or any other lying scumbags that regularly break their promises. None of them ever won office on my account. Why are you projecting that onto me? It's very presumptuous of you...

Apparently you didn't bother to read it before you went off on your rant, trying to convince the world that a vote against Clinton was a vote for Trump. Ho-hum tedium...

but if Obama or Hillary had done any of this stuff you'd be wetting your panties and screaming for impeachment....and we both know it.

Done what stuff? They did everything, and more. The two sides are a distinction without a difference. They sell weapons to terrorists, collude with big business, steal our pensions and tax money, and warm the chair for each other. It goes with the territory. The whole bunch of them are under "mutually assured blackmail", which is why they can't seriously go after each other without burning down the house.

You too, clarify many things, and you make things up that I never even imply. I have to say the overall demeanor was and is a great campaign tool, for the other side. You got this 'either/or' thing going on and denying there are other choices outside your little box you put yourself in, then you blame your losses on others for not playing along. It's a very reactionary game played by both sides, equally repulsive...

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