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Comment Re:Aye, there's the rub ... (Score 1) 3

All my USB disk problems were traced to the crappy cable and connector. I would take the disk out of the box and install it internally. I've been lucky so far. Now I just do a poor man's RAID 1, buying two of everything. Internal drives are cheaper, so I found this really cool docking thing. Hope it works...

Comment Re:Shouldn't they, of all countries, know better? (Score 1) 545

Really, this whole argument is so silly. I'm just looking forward to distributed servers, ad hoc mesh networks, whatever it takes to make censorship impossible, but I'll settle for impractical. Then we can argue about more important things, like, will it be over a hundred years before the Cubs win another World Series.or whether or not Liberace and Richard Simmons are really gay.

Comment Re:Shouldn't they, of all countries, know better? (Score 1) 545

Incitement implies there is no choice. What else could it possibly mean? Do you believe there is no choice? And let's not bring in the "law". The law is most fickle, being written by sometimes irrational people itself. Is there no choice not to riot when when someone "incites" you to do so? Why should the speaker be held responsible for what irrational people do? That doesn't make sense, we would have to admit that freedom of choice is a myth.

Comment Big tech will not protect the electoral process (Score 2, Insightful) 89

Only paper ballots can facilitate that. So, if "Big Tech" can make a better crayon, go for it!

As for majority rule hitting the brick wall due to an ignorant and antipathic majority, well, that's something that needs fixing pronto. We still haven't reached the bottom of that trench yet.

Comment Re:Confirm nothing deny everything (Score 0) 49

Or conspiracy theorists.

Ah, yes, the ever present strawman ...

It's called 'precedent'. The courts use it all the time when making a ruling. No reason we can't do the same. And in this case, it certainly applies.The spying on public computer networks, not just in China, is ubiquitous. To believe the denials would be most naïve.

Comment Re:Shouldn't they, of all countries, know better? (Score 1) 545

If humans were perfectly rational, incitement would be bullshit. The law recognises that's not the case.

Where's the incentive to be rational when I can just say *the devil made me do it*? Now, maybe you could plead temporary insanity. You still can't externalize the provocation. The action is on the rioters, rational or irrational, they are the ones that chose to riot. The message to send to them is "Turn your back, if you don't, you're the one that gets in trouble". Acting irrationally is the crime, not speaking to the irrational.

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