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The Matrix

Journal Journal: He said she said... 2

Russian and other foreign diplomats in Washington and elsewhere have been known, at times, to report false or misleading information to bolster their standing with their superiors or to confuse U.S. intelligence agencies...

... and the press. But let's run with it anyway, because....

...U.S. officials with regular access to Russian intelligence reports say Kislyak... was known for accurately relaying details about his interactions with officials in Washington.

Uh huh... Yup, definitely got a case, yup... most definitely. I mean, the reliability of what anonymous sources describe in a wholly uncorroborated intelligence intercept that the Washington Post has not seen... doesn't matter at all.


Journal Journal: Who really has the closest ties? 39

United States policy toward Russia requires a full-scale Congressional investigation.

Oh, wait, "Now, it seems that a U.S. election may have been seen as a surrogate battle by those in Kiev and Moscow"

Contrary to the one man's opinion, this whole Russia thing is not at all like Iran/Contra. It's more like Sons of Anarchy, the part where Gemma points the finger at the Chinese guy at the bar and then the bodies pile up.

The most vociferous accusers are usually themselves the perpetrators. That's standard operating procedure. The rest of us are still waiting for admissible evidence to hang the man with. Show me the money, or, well, you know the rest...


Journal Journal: Democrat 'opposition', feeble as it ever was 1

'Feisty Liberal' Elizabeth Warren decides to support Ben Carson for HUD secretary saying she *lamented Carson's "inexperience in the field," but said she would not stand in the way of his confirmation*. You go girl! Show 'em what you're made of! I guess we're not going to hear any more about banking corruption from her either. In the end was all just half-assed whining during the campaign season. As always, don't bite the hand that feeds...

User Journal

Journal Journal: sucks! 2

Why does Slashdot use a separate domain for styling its pages? It's stupid. Nothing loads until it does. I blocked it and Slashdot loads almost instantly. C'mon people, don't be a dick, use a single domain for the entire page!

Oh, and by the way, I had to block and also.

The web is getting so dumb...

The Almighty Buck

Journal Journal: China's maritime claims are outrageous 1

What they are doing in the South China Sea is an invasion. But Walmart, et al say we must appease them to keep their factories and trade deals open. This is a shame. We should have stopped that right away. It will take a full scale war to rout them out now.

Oh, and for you Trump rage fans, he says he wants to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

And the democrats' attempt to prevent his inauguration are going faster and furiouser. Suck it up, you bums!

User Journal

Journal Journal: Well, my good Captain 1

I hope you realize now what appeasement and compromise and your 'lesser evil' game will invariably buy you. The seed was planted with the passage of the half baked Obamacare. Yet the message of 2010, which was clear as day, went right over your head. So now, we can erase the last eight years as a mere mistake, and I can probably kiss my social security goodbye also. Oh well...

The damn democrats did this to themselves, and I see no recovery from it. They are toothless have nothing to offer, and one reason for that is because they are corrupt pansies and don't stand up and fight. Who can possibly believe them? The Daley Machine does not work on the national scale.

Let the third party scapegoating begin!


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