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Submission + - Program to Help Witnesses Remember Criminals (sciencedaily.com)

Kleppy writes: "Criminals are having a harder time hiding their faces, thanks to new software that helps witnesses recreate and recognize suspects using principles borrowed from the fields of optics and genetics."
"Law enforcement agencies around the world traditionally employ sketch artists, who piece together faces in a process similar to assembling a Mr. Potato Head toy." "The problem with this approach, says Solomon, is that it doesn't take into account how the memory actually works."

Comment I'm no expert... (Score 0) 135

...but I've seen water cooling for my short time on this earth as the superior cooling method. So much that I ran it myself. Sony even puts it in their system once but it was of a passive system than a pump/coolant system. Big name using it right out of the box. I don't know why leaks would be that big of an issue as this isn't a high pressure water system; being a closed loop it is going to be a very low pressure system unless you are trying to blow water as fast as you can through it. If it moves too fast, it will create a layer of stagnant coolant just off the surfaces and degrade cooling. Low (pressure)and slow (moving) should yield best cooling. No need to move 2000 Lph unless you are using one pump for many heat sources to maintain flow, but I wouldn't put that many devices on one pump.

Comment I finally fixed it once and for all... (Score 0) 932

I bought my Dad a Mac and then pointed him to my friend who's a Genius. In all seriousness (did the above) and I locked his PC out. He's a user with no rights. I did everything with an administrative account and did NOT give him the password this time. Last time everything was peachy until I gave it to him. Format/reload/lockout

Comment Re:I dunno, man. Snow is heavy (Score 0) 456

Wouldn't the heated dome just melt it all off? I mean a hemispherical dome of heated air should be able to combat some snow right? Of course the Pontiac Silverdome used a very similar design. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pontiac_Silverdome It's now abandoned but only because the Lion suck and they received a new stadium.

Comment Re:sprint (Score 0) 249

I live in Michigan by major freeways. The entire metro area has sprint coverage. Unless they are including Verizon or sprint in their own coverage maps, I always have Sprint coverage. If my phone will roam to another providers towers, what's the point of a coverage map anyways?

Submission + - Spain spawns Robotic Fish (inhabitat.com)

Kleppy writes: Robotic fish to patrol waters off Spain that will gather data about chemical levels, temperature and pollutants.

Submission + - Kwame Kilpatrick between a rock and a hard place. (detnews.com)

Kleppy writes: Kwame seems to be in quite a pickle. Claiming he has only $6 a month left over after living costs and that large sums of money given to his wife from a loan he was given, he states he has nothing left to give Detroit. The problem is not only has he irked Detroit, but his wife doesn't have to answer about where the money went and he's not on her good side right now.

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