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Comment Re:Somebody tried to steal copper wire from my hou (Score 1) 282

My interpretation:

::noise outside:: (burglar attacking grounding strap with crowbar)

(homeowner exits house and arrives on scene)
Homeowner: Well, Sir - what are you doing?

Copper Thief: I'm making off with your copper grounding strap, old chap. (continues attempt)

Homeowner: Well sir, you shall have to cease and desist henceforth or I shall have to alert the authorities...

Apparently, I've made you and the burglar out to be British (stereotypically colloquial, naturally). But I have to say, I'm impressed the guy kept at the attempt with you just standing there.

Comment Re:Simple solution (Score 1) 282

I think typically in the situations of stolen merchandise, people aren't pawning the item - they're just selling it. There is a difference. People pawn their prized guitar, (insert misc crap of mild value), or even Super Bowl ring. That way they have the ability to come back and pay to get the item back, the item is being held as collateral. You can also go to a pawn shop and just sell goods. When people are attempting to fence goods at a pawn shop they just sell it outright, they're not looking to get it back at a later date when they come into the money they need. Big difference.

Comment Re:got spyware? (Score 1) 761

Well I have to admit, I'm glad this isn't some flame war back and forth. But I believe you misinterpret me and believe me for some zealot, nor do I even consider myself a conservative.

These are all besides the point, I'm just pointing out little tidbits - not trying to argue for or against any true stance.

Come to think of it, the Armed Citizen isn't a secondary source because it compiles secondary sources (typically local newspaper, news reports, etc). I definitely don't depend on objectivity anywhere in this world, everything always has spin.

As for your queries on better data, I'd have to ask where? "Instant Justice"? Best numbers I would even think of attempting to investigate would be ratio of armed burglaries/entries/etc to the number of home shootings (which could be wildly varied depending on viewpoints and situations).

Personally, I grew up in a home where my father kept a loaded 12ga in his closet, which thankfully never had to get brought out. We were taught to not ever touch it, but to know where it was and how it operated. This situation isn't always a good idea for some, depending on age/responsibility/comfort of others in the home. Maintaining a loaded firearm in a home can be an extreme hazard depending on the environment. There are far too many accidental discharges in this country (any is far too many). Honestly many people would likely do better with a baseball bat and a can of hornet spray by their bedside if they don't take the time to be proficient and safe with a firearm. I don't think it's an unrealistic view for one to be maintained in a home for home defense. I've lived in a major city that has significant crime (top 5 for violent crime) for five years, and opted not to get a concealed carry permit because I didn't see a need for it and have always considered myself fairly street-smart.

I don't see you as some anti-gun guy, I also don't think either of us has an unrealistic view of how guns can be used. Just a difference of opinions. I'm going to stop rambling now.

Comment Re:got spyware? (Score 1) 761

There really isn't a case I was trying to make just making points and commentary; I'm not really sure I'm following the case that you're trying to make.

I was just stating that home defense scenarios do occur and pointing you and other readers towards a secondary source that maintains records on such. I completely agree that people should be involved with and support their local law enforcement, unfortunately there are times when the local law enforcement will not make it to the scene of the crime in time. It's unfortunate, but it's reality.

As for taking my words about protecting children by keeping a firearm secure and out of their reach and well, honestly I have no idea where you're going there. I was talking about protecting children so there are no accidental discharges in a home, which happen due to people preventing an unsafe environment with children around. I didn't make any points about potential criminals knowing which homes have weapons or about everyone being armed. No knee-jerk reactions, no zealot aspirations. Honestly, not sure where you're going with this.

Comment Re:got spyware? (Score 1) 761

I did completely miss that you put determined authority (which is obviously not allowed under castle doctrine - you can't shoot a law enforcement officer who is legally entering a home). My apologies for being so quick to post.

If you check out the armed citizen link it has further stories because it happens often; the one page in each month's magazine is just a selection.

From your 20% of Americans owning guns, that doesn't mean that everyone one of them keeps a loaded or easily accessible firearm available in their home. Especially if someone has small children, or any children for that matter, they should not keep a firearm accessible as such. It should be locked via gun safe, or trigger lock (required as such in some states).

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