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Comment Re:actually pinching nose? (Score 2) 166

That's the whole reason McDonalds lost. Their coffee was far hotter than any reasonable expectation.

That was part of it. The other part was that their own internal procedures forbade serving coffee at that temperature, because they engineered the cup the coffee went into and they knew that it would not hold up at that temperature, and that coffee is dangerous at that temperature. The local franchise operator willfully increased the pot hold temperature beyond the prescribed temperature in order to increase the pot hold time, which is what ultimately resulted in the injury to the woman's nether regions. This proved that they knew that they were in the wrong.

Comment My best laptop. (Score 2) 148

I use a mid-2011 Air for almost everything that doesn't require a huge amount of power to run. Battery could use replacing as it's tough to go 4-5 hours, but it's by far the best laptop I've ever owned.

VNC, SSH w/X, or RDP to connect to beefier desktop or workstation machines completes it.

Comment Re:Still conflating Meltdown with Spectre (Score 1) 204

If you're running your datacenter at 20% load, and your machines are suddenly an average of 7% slower, how much has your TCO changed?

You're not running your datacenter at 20% load. That's a nice fantasy figure. And it's not 7% slower, I notice that you keep revising that estimate downward when you need to be going upward. Hardware that's been utilized up the wazoo and has multiple VMs running on it is going to have more impact, not less.

Comment Re:Yes. Yes it is. (Score 1) 527

In other words, if someone makes a design decision you don't like, anyone working on it may as well be idle.

No, Disingenuous McDouchebag, if someone makes a design decision that no one likes, anyone working on it must be idle, for the good of all. It's not about me. I am not the arbiter of what is good. That's too much responsibility. But there's a lot of stuff which is clearly garbage designed to fail and generate more sales, and that has to stop for the good of all. That I will benefit is, frankly, beside the point. Who gives a shit about me? It's everyone that we should care about.

So many of your examples are cases where someone makes something because someone else wants it, but you disapprove.

What? Zero of them were about that. Nobody wants their products to be compromised shit. That's just what's offered to them in general, and especially at a price point they can afford. And that is a result of the worker's share of profits dwindling throughout history.

Comment Re:Yes. Yes it is. (Score 1) 527

For example?

For example, replication of effort for no reason other than to pump and dump. There are whole companies IPO'd for no reason other than to pump and dump. Or how about building garbage to produce future sales, like when Apple puts a garbage battery into a cellphone, or even cellphones without replaceable batteries? It's been years now that old phones were good enough to act as phones, if only they didn't fail prematurely. Cars are the same way; there are tons of parts which could be designed to last much longer, but they aren't because that would extend the sales cycle. Up to a third of a vehicle's lifetime energy consumption is in its production. It's not unrealistic to keep cars twice as long on average as we do now, if they're designed for easy maintenance and use durable parts like polyurethane bushings and heim joints. Dealerships don't want to lose thousands of dollars in revenue from refreshing tired suspension parts. But that's half bullshit work that doesn't even have to take place. Advertising firms producing advertising that nobody is even going to see. Consumer goods made in China, shipped to the USA, never sold because they are crap, shipped to the dollar store where most of them never sell, shipped to a landfill where they leach toxics into the ground. Nobody ever uses them, but we all pay for the energy cost of their production. Most buildings are built like total shit, and out of flammables. Big parts of cities catch on fire repeatedly throughout history, and then we build them all over again, out of more flammable materials. Even if they don't burn down, they'll fall down within a century because they're built out of thin sticks (remember when a 2x6 was a 2x6? Houses built that way which weren't washed away in a flood or burned down are still standing.) and Chinese sheet rock. We make coins whose monetary value is not only less than their actual cost of production, but less than their energy cost of production. We make thousands of tons of clothing no one will ever wear, which gets shipped to the first world, shipped to stores, put on racks, taken off racks, shipped to the third world, picked through to find the natural fabrics (rapidly vanishing due to climate change), and the remainder landfilled. The environmental cost of the textile industry is beyond ridiculous. We ask people to commute to jobs which could be done remotely, and how many of those jobs need to be done at all? Whole industries exist because of failings in our government, like health insurance. Cryptocurrency is a relatively minor line item, but it is literally burning up the biosphere to create tokens.

There are examples of waste literally everywhere you look, unless you're in a mud hut. Or maybe a shipping container home. Shipping containers are stacking up at ports because once they pass through certain ports and are fumigated with specific chemicals (usually horrendously toxic ones, as you might imagine) they are no longer permitted in certain other ports, because of the toxicity. Since we sell recycled steel to other nations for pennies on the ton, it's not actually worth it to recycle them, so in the main they are just sitting around rusting and losing intrinsic value when we could be using them to build fireproof, earthquake-proof buildings.

IANAE(conomist) and these are examples I could come up with just off the top of my head.

Comment Re:Still conflating Meltdown with Spectre (Score 1) 204

If they already thought AMD was cheaper, then literally nothing changed.

They didn't think AMD had a lower TCO. But now intel's TCO is going to jump substantially, because they're giving less power. Their claim to fame has long been power efficiency. They no longer have that, because of the reduction in IPC due to mitigation of this complete failure to be responsible in silicon design. Now they will know that AMD is cheaper, when before the situation was muddied by Intel's cheating in silicon.

Your cost analysis ignores a lot of factors; and the actual range is more like 0-35%.

That is horseshit, there have been actual benchmarks showing more than 35%. You're reducing the upper and lower bounds beyond what has been proven in the real world. Stop fellating Intel.

Comment Re:Can we please get writer's names (Score 2) 116

Clearly this is because SJW types are blocking Heroic Aryan Ubermensch In Space novels. We all know that if these novels were given their rightful place, that people would be lining up down the street to find out what the hyper-masculine blue-eyed blond haired space hero was up to; like grabbing pussies, beating on brown skinned people, keeping the master race safe from suspicious foreign bodily fluids.

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