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Comment Re: Duh? (Score 1) 558

Can you do what they do, then you could make their salary.

My resume says yes. And yes I did, but then I'd have to waste my time again sitting with them in pointless meetings and management seminars. Sorry, but I could actually do some meaningful work instead. Maybe they get the money for being able to endure hours and hours of bullshit talking, I don't know.

But the truth is no one values what you can do, much.

Odd. My inbox with the various headhunters begging me to talk to them could have fooled me. Who'd have guessed, the combination "financial auditor", "IT security consultant" and "hardware design and development" is apparently rare. At least with relevant degrees and certificates.

So shut up and get more valuable skills

What would you suggest to complete my portfolio of skills? I was pondering legal, but I'm open for suggestions.

Comment Re: Duh? (Score 1) 558

I honestly wouldn't know what to spend the money on. Like Ledger's Joker said, the things I enjoy are cheap. Ok, mine ain't gasoline, explosives and firearms. Rather, it's cheap hardware (mostly SOC and similar ICs), programming, building tools... I have no use for booze, I hate going to big parties or even bars, and given that I spend all week talking to people I have little use for too much company in my spare time. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy a good chat, but I do choose my partners carefully.

Money is something I use to live my life. I don't live my life to make money. I have no use for it.

Comment Re:Duh? (Score 1) 558

It's the exact problem. If there is no way a person can legally see any chance to ever make enough money to actually make a living, there are rather few options left. And as you identified, once you've gone down that path, getting out is pretty much an illusion.

It's not unemployment. The US doesn't have a high unemployment rate. What it has is a lot of working poor, people who have a job yet still earn not enough to ever see a chance to get out of the miserable situation they're in. What good is having a job if it barely sustains you?

Comment Re:Why does basic income keep appearing here? (Score 1) 558

If you arrive at the point when the mob rises up, you're fucked either way. You can of course gun them down, and the rest of the world will look at you like you've just turned into the ugly stepchild of Kim Yong Un and Osama Bin Laden, which would make international politics pretty uncomfortable for the US. I mean, if you make Russia look like a lovely place in comparison, you're really fucked. Not to mention that this would finally totally rip the country apart and you can kiss any semblance of a remaining democracy good-bye.

You can try to reason with them and be gunned down instead, of course, which would be even worse.

By now I thought it became obvious that social problems cannot be solved with guns... but some kids need to touch the stove more than once.

Comment Re:Duh? (Score 1) 558

I honestly could not imagine that. Why would anyone subject himself to something like this? I mean, sure, I could think of more interesting things to do than what I do at work, and I could definitely enjoy sleeping longer (seriously, forcing someone to work before noon just isn't cool), but doing something I hate?

Quite frankly, before that I'd start getting creative with alternative approaches to acquiring the funds to make a living.

Comment Re: Duh? (Score 2) 558

Yes, I have. After the time I had plenty of money to spend so I took a few years off. I picked up a lot of hardware knowledge, developed a few early IoT tools, developed a terrain rendering engine and started into IT security, then spent some time finding out about and acquiring certifications in this area.

At some point I had to earn money again, there's plenty of things I couldn't finish yet, sadly, lacking time.

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