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Comment Re:Swedes try product because of marketing (Score 5, Insightful) 289

Yes, let's be consistent about it. So what's your stance on childcare, school lunch, medical examinations for children and other aids for the mom?

Until you're born we'll fight for your life but after you ARE actually alive, you're on your own.

Face it, you're not pro life. You're anti-fucking. You want the woman to suffer from having "sinned", and you can't really say it that way because everyone would instantly consider it what it is: A bullshit reason. So it's the "sanctity of life". Bullshit. Life isn't sacred. Twice so if you believe in the invisible sky daddy who kills people according to his own advertising brochure left and right with impunity because he didn't like the cut of their jib or some other bullshit reason.

Sanctity of life, my ass...

Comment Re:The current decade has always been the worst (Score 1) 418

A-ha are currently touring, Depeche Mode still produces music and I think I heard something about Duran Duran also still touring. R.E.M. was until not that long ago active, Pet Shop Boys still exist and from time to time a new album is being made... just like with every decade, there are a few bands that "survive" the high time of the music they came up in. Some change and adapt to the new beats. Some don't and continue with the same kind of music, both with varying success.

Some quite memorable tracks have been made in the 80s. And a lot, a great lot of trash. Like in every decade. You only remember the good ones, the bad ones fade away and since only the good ones remain to be played on the radio, over time it seems that past music was better. It wasn't. It's just that only the good ones survive until today. You might notice that you get to hear very, very little Eurodance on those networks playing "the hits of the 90s". Because most of that stuff was forgettable fast-food trash, mass produced and without any lasting value.

Comment The current decade has always been the worst (Score 0) 418

Remember the 70s? When we were young? What were we bitching about them music, when fashion was more important than the sound created, remember Gary Glitter and Sweet? Holy fuck, how did they expect us to like that bullshit, just because he comes in in a suite made of rhinestones we'll forget that his song sounds like garbage? And don't get me started on Disco. So unlike the 50s when music was still music, that's when music really started, with old school rock'n roll, when you could REALLY dance to the music, not that disco garbage.

Remember the 80s? When we were young? What were we bitching about them music, this soul-less, absolutely anticlimactic, sterilized electro-pop... where did the real drums go? The ones they had in the 60s when music was still music, when musicians wrote meaningful lyrics and tried to express themselves with their music!

Remember the 90s? When we were young? What were we bitching about them music, this repetitive, always the same bullshit, all the bands sound the same, it's always the white chick that screams some words that double as singing and the black guy as the rapper, and ALL the bands work like this. And don't get me started on "Grunge", what kind of crap, where's the real rock bands of the 70s that defined metal, that created it all!

Remember the "zeros"? When we were young? What were we bitching about them music, when Techno wasn't really Techno anymore, just that clean-stripped, commercialized bullshit, that autotuned no-talents crooning to repetitive, computer generated music that never saw a single musician, so unlike the 80s when electronic music was new and when real talent was necessary to get a meaningful tone out of those instruments. Analog electric drumkits anyone? That was an artform!

Remember the 10s? ...

Oh, wait, I'm ahead of my time again.

Comment Re:Solution (Score 1) 196

The other difference is that your government is supposed to work for you, something a corporation only does if you're a shareholder.

If your government doesn't do that, get rid of it and get a new one. That's their job. That's what they're there for. If my employee doesn't do his job, I kick him out and hire someone who does.

Comment Solution (Score 2) 196

Write an app that transmits your location when 911 is being called. Advertise it to people to install it on their phone for the times when they need it. Watch people not install it because they are afraid their government might track them, but they're more than happy to hand the very same information to Uber, Facebook and everyone else giving them ... well, basically nothing.

If I was your government, I'd probably shit on you, too.

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